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Molecular Lab Testing Software

Change Log/Release Notes

All notable changes to this project will be documented on this page



  • TM#172587 – Accession Query Performance Improvement
    Improved query efficiency yielding enhanced performance improvement.
  • TM#172027 – Visit-Change Patient (preference)
    Added ability for Admin users to move a selected visit to a different patient.
  • TM#171146 – Implement Specimen Cancel
    Added ability for Admin users to cancel specimens prior to inlab.


  • TM#170077 – Auto Complete Profile does not auto complete
    Corrected issue where profiles set to Auto Complete would not complete, if ordered prior to Inlab.
  • TM#172269 – Extend Needs Final criteria – Pending Specimen (preference)
    Option to display note on any specimens pending receipt under the case.
  • TM#170360 – CREW – Add Culture Complete and clear
    Added ability to complete and clear completion on cultures in the Consolidate Result Entry Window (CREW).
  • TM#171157 – IReview window automatically minimizes after large search
    Issue where IReview would lose focus after a largelsearch has been corrected.
  • TM#171712 – IReview Enhancement – Batch List
    Improved Batch List displays to include error records that may be present.
  • TM#171713 – IReview Enhancement – Clear Locks
    Added menu in Human Resources to clear IReview record locks set on a user from a system crash, e.g.
  • TM#171714 – IReview Enhancement – Clear Errors
    Added ability to clear selected errors in IReview.
  • TM#171808 – View Instrument Results – Incorrect Column Names
    Corrected issue where modified profile Data Entry Definitions (DED) could distort the profile’s display in IReview.
  • TM#171538 – Integrated Fill – Label scan field
    Added label and repositioned case/specimen scan field in Integrated Fill.


  • TM#170276 – Isolated Storage – Default Download Checkbox (preference)
    Preference added to check the Download checkbox by default when saving files to the Isolated Storage Area.
    TM#170276 - Isolated Storage - Default Download Checkbox (preference)
  • TM#170959 – Interface Log Table Viewer – Slow Loading
    Improved performance loading records from the Interface Log table.
  • TM#170922 – Audit Window Enhancements
    Added capability to view full audit data for truncated values and replaced ObjectIDs with corresponding value.
  • TM#171539 – Advanced Entry: Edit Entry Configuration enhancement
    Profile types added to facilitate selecting in the Orderable Selection List when editing or creating Advanced Entry configurations.
  • TM#171784 – Profile Definition Categories
    Organized profile library display for all profile types by adding two categories: Ordering and Labels.
  • TM#171982 – Implement Result Date\Time
    Added option to include Constituent Result Date\Time fields on all profile types, and also available for reporting.
  • TM#170769 – Auto Calculate Constituent Results \ Formulas (preference)
    Added capability to define and execute mathematical formulas to calculate and set result values (Result, R1-R6).
    The formulas will have capability to include values from any result field (Result, R1-R6) for any profile level or constituent level result value that is present on the profile.
  • TM#172250 – Implement AP Profiles (Blocks\Procedures) (preference)
    Profiles may be defined as “pathology”. Slide Count may be defined for Pathology profile constituents.
  • TM#172251 – Library Manager – Show AP Fields
    Specialized constituent fields for clinical, toxicology, or pathology tests may be displayed by selecting specialty from Show Fields menu.
    TM#172251 - Library Manager


  • TM#170806 – e.Query – Pivot Tables (preference)
    Option has been added to create “Pivot Tables” with e.Query, allowing you to summarize report data in a more meaningful way, add calculations, and export as .CSV files.
  • TM#171433 – e.Query – Rebuild a View
    Added ability to rebuild e.Query Data Models, if necessary, due database structure changes.
  • TM#172212 – e.Query – DateTime field filters (preference)
    Added option to Site Wide Reserved ManagementReports preference to allow including time, as well as date to queries that make use of Date + Time fields. e.g. Case Creation Date
  • TM#172048 – e.Query DateTime Function
    Added e.Query function for use with NucleoLIS to combine date and time values into a single value, useful for performing date compares.



  • TM#170770 – AAOE Question UI Display
    The Edit Questions window has been enhanced to display lengthy Ask At Order questions appropriately.
    TM#170770 - AAOE Question UI Display
  • TM#169809 – Billing \ Insurance Entry Enhancements
    The following enhancements have been made to the billing and insurance windows.

    • Standardized naming of DOB fields
    • Standardized field order in windows
    • Added picklist capability for: Billing.GuarantorRelation, Billing.MaritalStatus,
      Insurance.BenAssign, Insurance.Priority, and Insurance.SubscriberRelation
    • Set Billing.SSN validation
  • TM#170058 – CAEW – Enable Super Panels Ordering
    Super Panels may now be ordered through Consolidated Accession Entry Window (CAEW),
  • TM#170450 – CAEW – Implement Label Quantities
    Profiles with label quantities greater than one will now generate correct number of labels in CAEW.
  • TM#170550 – CAEW – Implement Profile Labels on Inlab Ordering
    Corrected issue with profiles that are ordered automatically with flag inlab in CAEW not getting labels.
  • TM#170212 – Alert rules -Error Processing (preference)
    Corrected issue to ensure that all alert rules are processed despite one failing due to an error. Also added preference to display notice of alert failures in Result Manager tree, so they can be corrected.
  • TM#170505 – Error loading library row to cache
    Corrected issue where user would encounter run time errors using library item added during current session.


  • TM#169212 – Integrated Fill – Allowed Scanned Input
    New field added to Integrated Fill for Worksheets that allows scanning of specimen or case numbers.
  • TM#169526 – Check Required Fields on Final (preference)
    Added check has been built in to ensure that all field requirements on all records are met upon a Save Final operation.
  • TM#169571 – Exclude retired charges from charge selection
    Charges that have been retired no longer appear in Charge window.


  • TM#170596 – Interface Map – Configurable Pick Lists (preference)
    In an effort to simplify maintenance of the Interface Map library, the capability to hook up customized pick lists to the InternalCode, ExternalCode and Description fields has been implemented.


  • TM#171008 – Add County to Report (GPathIntegrator)
    Patient County and Submitter County are now available in the Result Report Designer.
  • TM#170059 – e.Query – picklist select all (*) deselect others
    Management Report pick lists now function where default of ALL (*) is now deselected when other choices are
  • TM#168403 – Implement e.Query Automation (UI) (preference)
    e.Query reports can now be scheduled to run automatically.



  • TM#169466 – Accession window – Case Number alias
    Corrected issue where search field labels were not reflecting aliased Case Number.
  • TM#169467 – Communication window – Not sizable
    Communications window in both Accession and Result Manager is now sizeable.
  • TM#169421 – CAEW – ‘New Case’ menu not setting defaults
    Corrected missing fields when selecting New Case from the Consolidated Accession Entry window (CAEW).
  • TM#169626 – CAEW – error ordering cultures
    Cultures can now be ordered from the Consolidated Accession Entry window, as well as all profile types.
  • TM#169937 – CAEW – Default Submitter drop-down is blank if Advanced Entry has no defaults
    Corrected issue where CAEW Submitter drop-down would be blank if no defaults were defined for Advanced Entry.
  • TM#168680 – Search Patients Window Modification Requests
    Added Patient.Code as a filter field for the Patient Search window in the CAEW.
  • TM#169174 – Patient History – Performance Improvement
    Improved Patient History performance.
  • TM#169607 – Label Print Performance (preference)
    Added preference to improve label printing performance for large volumes.


  • TM#169090 – BatchSteps – Picklist
    Batch Steps picklist in Batch Steps window accurately reflects appropriate steps after row deletions.
  • TM#168807 – IReview Critical Prompt
    Header and bold red text added to Critical Comment window to make purpose more obvious.
  • TM#169100 – Instrument Results field -Error display
    Corrected error where profiles with matching R labels are handled properly in IReview.
  • TM#170006 – Issues with Creating a Worksheet – Truncation error on Integrated Fill
    Corrected error in Integrated Worksheets with Sex values greater than 10 characters.
  • TM#170029 – Truncation error on Integrated Action
    Corrected error in Worksheets Action with Sex values greater than 10 characters.


  • TM#169228 – Outreach integration – Set Questions on Specimen (preference)
    Added capability to set Outreach order type level and test level AOE on the NucleoLIS specimen or case record and suppress or only include for specified profiles.
  • TM#168810 – Inlab from Outreach Order – Required Fields (preference)
    Added option to prevent the Inlab process on Outreach orders received without all the required fields.


  • TM#168819 – Variable decimal setting for constituent definition
    Added ability to define decimal places for clinical tests based on range definition.
  • TM#169231 – Profile Clone – Skip Outreach Code
    Corrected Profile Clone to include Outreach Code.
  • TM#169890 – Expand AAOE UI entry set size
    Increased the maximum of AAO Questions that may be contained in an AAOE Set from 20 to 60.
  • TM#168756 – Ethnicity, Race Data Entry (preference)
    Added standard selection of picklist fields for Ethnicity and ability to disable multi select Race.
  • TM#169211 [D] (AD) Enhance Insurance Search Filter (preference)
    Implement partial searches for Insurance library selection window


  • TM#168726 – Clinical Reporting – Category\Constituent Sequencing (preference)
    Allows the sequencing of clinical tests and applying test and report category to Result Reports.
  • TM#168754 – Report Format – Grouping Dynamic Reports
    Improves handling of Dynamically inserted reports within groups.
  • TM#168017 – Logo Missing- Static image handling
    Images embedded to avoid access issue over networks.
  • TM#169249 – Error building chargestring when saving report
    Corrected error when imported charge codes contained apostrophes.
  • TM#169933 – Report Designer, add Submitter UPIN field
    Submitter UPIN field added to e.Query Management Report designer.



  • TM#166946 – – Display Count \ Link – Launch from Accession Manager
    Case displays e.Docs Documents field that opens e.Docs for previous scans or adding new scans.
  • TM#168061 – CAEW – Save field incorrect \ MU Fields
    Error with last field calculation was corrected.
  • TM#167096 – AAOE not available in CAEW
    AAOE responses are available in Consolidated Accession Entry Window.
  • TM#166601 – Auto populate Billing\Insurance
    Optional preference to automatically add billing \ insurance data from the last visit to new visits.
  • TM#167494 – Accession entry with Order Prompts
    Order prompts for constituents are presented in CAEW after flagging inlab.
  • TM#168237 – Accession access of Communications field inconsistent
    Corrected issue accession Communications data from Accession window.
  • TM#168577 – Accession Window- Unable to alias External ID fields
    Configured aliases for External ID fields now reflected in the search fields area.


  • TM#162066 – Culture – Implement SetComplete
    Ability to set cultures as complete has been added.
  • TM#167688 – IReview – Require Instrument\Batch Selection
    Ability to automatically create batches on order and then process individual batches in IReview has been enhanced. This is useful for very high-volume instruments.
  • TM#167745 – IReview Error on Release
    Corrected occasional error after releasing from IReview.
  • TM#167012 – Pending Requirements on Canceled Profile
    Corrected issue saving Finals when the case had a canceled Profile with reportable elements.


  • TM#166997 – Implement Source Based Charges
    Charges may now be applied based on Source Definition.
  • TM#166998 – Implement Constituent Based Charges
    Charges may now be applied based on individual constituents.
  • TM#168572 – Enhanced Super Panel Ordering
    Extended super panels to enable creating specimens as well as ordering profiles; includes option to keep ordered profiles on individual specimens.
  • TM#168952 – Range Rules – Allow Type Mismatches
    Corrected issue where Range Rules that mixed alpha and numeric values were sometimes skipped.
  • TM#168080 – PlugInFax – Implement Max Size of Fax Transaction
    Ability to control the maximum size of Fax transactions for large volume faxing.
  • TM#167884 – PlugIn – FAX STATUS – Optimize Interfax Fax Status Updates
    Improved the update status of Fax transmissions.


  • TM#167098 – Isolated Storage – Add Download Directory (preference)
    Ability to specify private file storage locations when saving Management Reports.
  • TM#159663 – e.Query (Data Analysis) (preference)
    New utility for e.Query users to generate adhoc data collection.
  • TM#168279 – e.Query – Implement Display of XML data
    Added ability to display XML data on management reports.
  • TM#168148 – Implement Quick Print Feature
    Previewing reports allows for option to set a default printer that can be easily selected for subsequent reports.
  • TM#167107 – Suppress Canceled Profiles from CasePendingResultMessage field
    Canceled Profiles suppressed from CasePendingResultMessage field in Result Reports.
  • TM#168108 – Report Designer – Add Physician Location fields
    New fields added for Physician and Location data.
  • TM#168279 – e.Query – Implement Display of XML data
    Added e.Query function “GetXString” that converts data stored as XML to user friendly display.
  • TM#167825 – Billing Report View – Add Submitter\Location and Group fields
    Submitter \ Location and Group fields added to the e.Query Billing Report view.
  • TM#167151 – Expand column sizes in Result Report Designer
    Field size expanded to 1024 for: DRestrictToCode, RestrictToCode and DynamicIncludes
  • TM#167561 – Report Distribution – On Demand (preference)
    Added capability to Redistribute reports to any email address, fax number or designated printer on demand.
  • TM#167178 – Add Case OrderDate to Result Report Designer
    Case Order Date field added for report field selection.
  • TM#168490 – Expose Fasting Status for Report Designer
    Fasting Status field added for report field selection.


  • TM#166996 – AP – Auto Verify Complete Gross
    The Gross validation is now bypassed whenever a complete Gross value exists.
  • TM#166999 – AP Result Entry – Full Default Diagnosis List
    No defined ‘Diagnosis List’ will default to the full diagnosis definition library.
  • TM#167652 – Clinical Prompt for Critical Comment (preference)
    Added ability to prompt for comment when saving critical results, stored with date, time, and username.
  • TM#168352 – Add Cultures to Specimen Label – List Profiles (preference)
    Added ability to include cultures to Specimen Label list.
  • TM#167001 – Implement Assigned Pathologist\User (preference)
    Added ability to assign a Pathologist or User to Cases.


  • TM#169228 – Outreach integration – Set Questions on Specimen (preference)
    Added capability to set Outreach order type level and test level AOE on the NucleoLIS specimen record.
  • TM#168517 – AOE – Expose Code Field
    Ask At Order Entry Questions now have the Code field displayed, which may be auto-generated or user-defined.



  • TM#165066 – e.Docs – Display Count \ Link
    SWR preference “eDocs: NucleoLISDisplay” added to display eDocs Documents field on cases, which will access any previously saved e.Docs documents.
  • TM#165876 – IWS – Expand mapping field options
    Added capability to map “pointer” fields using IWS, which are defined as the fields that are represented in libraries.
  • TM#166287 – Batch Result -Performance Enhancement
    Improved performance of Batch Result list building to allow for larger batches.


  • TM#166575 – Expand IReview Column SIzed IResult, IR1-IR6
    Increased field sizes to accept larger data items in IR1-IR6.


  • TM#164766 – e.Monitor – Add Capability to Start and Stop Processes
    The ability to stop/start/reset BackBone processes from within e.Monitor has been added. Also, processes can be temporarily hidden from view.
  • TM#165837 – Constituent Sorting – CdataSort
    Corrected issue for profile constituent order when Use Data Sort is set to true.


  • TM#164785 – e.Query – XML Parse Functions AAOE
    Added e.Query AAOEPluck function which simplifies extracting AAOE responses.
  • TM#165575 – e.Query – Sync default orientation for text fields
    Template for e.Query report generated fields modified so that field text alignments are set to Left Middle, which corresponds to text alignments on additionally added fields.
  • TM#165189 – e.Query – Added wpDateDiff function
    New query function “wpDateDiff” added that calculates PatientDOB to Visit_VisitDate; includes days., months, etc.
  • TM#164316 – e.Query – Patient Historical Case Link View
    Added “CaseLinkView” table for View Builder that can be used to create queries for Patient History reports.
  • TM#165713 – Designers – Expose Section properties on Sub Reports
    Section properties available on sub reports allowing ‘Repeat’ to be set per sub report.
  • TM#165815 – e.Query – add NOT CONTAINS operator
    Filter operator of “NOT CONTAINS” has been added to the Query Designer.
  • TM#165954 – e.Query – typo in function category list
  • TM#166382 – e.Query – GetLibraryField function
    New query function that enables extracting any field based on a library pointer ObjectId. This feature is useful when a view does not include joins to certain library tables. All library tables in a given application are supported as well as physician and user tables.
  • TM#166343 – RDS\C1 Report Rendering Performance
    Improved report generation performance when running in an RDS environment.
  • TM#167078 – Expose Insurance information for Result Report Designer
    Insurance subreport and related fields added to designer.



  • TM#163057 – Full Support of Enhanced Case number Lookup
    Extended Advanced Case Number Search functionality has been added to include lookups in Batch Label, Batch Results, and Batch Steps.
  • TM#163020 – AAOE window tab sequence\keyboard entry
    Full keyboard entry and standard windows conventions have been added to the Ask At Order Entry window.
  • TM#163923 – Enable Suppressing On Demand prompt
    The capability to suppress the on-demand prompt during order selection has been added.
  • TM#163924 – Enable Ordering On Demand Constituents By Count
    Added limited capability to order constituents based on quantities. When only one on demand constituent is defined, a quantity field becomes visible on the order constituent window for the profile.
  • TM#163528 – Isolated Storage – Implement Private Directories
    Added capability to store files for hosted clients in private, user specific sub-directories of “IsolatedStorage” directory. A check box labeled “Private” added to both the Open and Save Isolated Storage Dialog windows.
  • TM#164590 – Audit – View Deleted button not enabled
  • TM#163117 – IWS – Add scroll to Integrated Configuration window
    Aids viewing worksheet integrations that have many columns.
  • TM#163114 – IWS Integrated Fill – Add Remove button
    Remove button has been added to the Fill Integrated Worksheet window, allowing user to delete selected rows.
  • TM#163019 – Micro – Add Profile Complete\Sign\Approve options in CREW
    Added capability to complete, sign, approve, clear complete, clear sign, and clear approve from Micro related profiles in the Consolidated Result Entry Window.
  • TM#163683 – Corrected/Amended reason picklist
    The ability to add user-defined pick lists for Corrected\Amended reports has been added.
  • TM#160543 – Accession Window – Profile Lookup
    Added ability to filter cases by profile in the Accession window.


  • TM#163206 – IReview – Loses focus
    Improved maintaining IReview window in the foreground on large search results.
  • TM#114728 – IReview – Implement Repeat functionality
    Added ability to set tests to be sent to the instrument for repeat processing.
  • TM#132745 – IReview – Add Reject\Repeat Reason
    Added ability to add reason for test repeat or rejection and stored with test.
  • TM#164039 – IReview – error on filter
    Corrected occasional error when using user-defined filters.


  • TM#163056 – e.Monitor enhancements including Hide, Show, Remove
    Added ability to temporarily hide or remove processes from displaying in the e.Monitor Process window.
  • TM#164214 – Implement EMR account set up
    Ability to create EMR accounts has been added to eliminate need for Outreach Manager.
  • TM#162943 – In EMR Activity grid, display full HL7 message in popup window.
    Extremely large messages are now fully supported and displayed.


  • TM#162539 – Add Signers and Approver Titles to Report Designer
    Case Signer Title, Profile Signer Title, and Profile Approver Title fields have been added to the Result Report Designer.
  • TM#163271 – Designers – Enhance Group Editor
    Edit Groups menu option has been added to Other menu in all designers, allowing report groups to be added, edited for properties, or removed.
  • TM#163572 – e.Query – XML Parse Functions
    Added capability in e.Query to select from XML data and return specified values, such as extracting the value of an AAOE response to a given question.
  • TM#163696 – e.Query – Add Capability to edit functions
    Added ability to edit applied functions on reports, instead of removing and rebuilding.
  • TM#164041 – e.Query – Implement Last Report function
    Added an SQL function to include the NucleoLIS result report table for the purpose of return field values associated with the more recently generated report.
  • TM#164748 – e.Query WindoPath Integration Enhancements
    Added a standard e.Query view that links together WindoPath and NucleoLIS data – ” GpathWindopathLinkView”. (Needs to be added through View Builder)
  • TM#164688 – e.Query Outreach Integration Enhancements
    Added a standard e.Query view that links together Outreach and NucleoLIS data – “NucleoLIS Outreach\EMR Orders”.



  • TM#161382 – Add Ctrl-M for patient search in Accession Entry window
    Standard shortcut added to Consolidated Accession Entry Window (CAEW)
  • TM#159660 – Modify Archive Window to allow ProfileType and Profile selection Search (Added Sort)
    Archives Search allows filtering by Profile Types and Profile Definitions.
  • TM#154989 – Batch Result – Refine Constituent Filtering
    Accuracy using Build Lists to locate constituents has been improved.
  • TM#161349 – Range Rules and Alert Rules – Case Sensitivity
    Rules may be defined in SWR preference to ignore case when searching for a match. e.g. Normal = NORMAL.
  • TM#161350 – Range Rules and Alert Rules – Enhanced wildcard support
    Rules may be defined in SWR preference to allow wildcards (%) to be used in search criteria.
  • TM#161420 – Report Designer – Add formatted AAOE fields
    Ask At Order Entry responses may be added to report formats.
  • TM#162420 – iReview – Complete
    Additional functionality has been added to the Instrument Result Review module (iReview).
  • TM#161919 – Inconsistent User Grid Column Sizes
    Consistency in user-defined Grid Column Sizes has been improved by saving real-time and when returning from Quality lists.
  • TM#161994 – DataEntryDefinition Entry Form State
    Data Entry Definition specified result grids may be set to automatically adjust to the size of the specific results.
  • TM#162106 – DED- Enable suppressing units for alpha values
    Result values, that may be numeric or alpha, may be defined to suppress the units on alpha results in the Data Entry Definition window.
  • TM#161661 – Expanded Description Field on Profiles Ordered Table(s)
    All profile descriptions fields have been increased to 2018 characters.
  • TM#162155 – Display Specimen Number in result manager grid
    Specimen Number has been added as a “hidden” column between Sources and Profiles on result Manager Grid.
  • TM#162156 – Enable Scanned Specimen ID lookup
    Specimen ID has been added to Result Manager search pick list.
  • TM#161584 – Implement display of profiles codes ordered in result manager grid
    Profile column has been added to Result Manager Grid.
  • TM#159660 – Modify Archive Window to allow ProfileType and Profile selection Search
    Archives Search allows filtering by Profile Types and Profile Definitions.


  • TM#161510 – General Performance Improvement (slow when printing drafts and reports)
    Performance improvements have been made.
  • TM#160631 – Automate Result Reporting (Scheduled Reporting)
    A new Scheduled Reporting Service has been developed that executes pre-defined report jobs on a set schedule. Report jobs may be set up to include preliminary and final reports or finals only.
  • TM#151535 – Implement Addendum and other final reports options
    The capability to configure any number of additional final report options has been added, such as “Clinical Validation” or “Research Only”.
  • TM#161808 – Reporting\Designers – Extend Inline Formatting Options
    Building Computed Items and adding Inline/RTF Formatting may be made available to users, which assist with adding calculations and/or inline formatting.
  • TM#158383 – Reporting\Designers – Conditional Formatting GUI
    Specialized formatting may be available to users in Report Designers to ease the enhancement of defined fields.
  • TM#161840 – Implement Special Character Handling
    Added ability to handle “special characters” on report PDFs. e.g. ≥ and ≤
  • TM#160948 – Profile Report Category Field
    Report Category field has been added to profile libraries, which can then then be used in Result Report formatting.
  • TM#162954 – Added Numeric Case Number label field
    Special field has been added to Label Designer “CaseNumberNumeric” that prints the case number following the hyphen only.
  • TM#162050 – Implement Interpretation field across all profile types
    New Interpretation field added to all profile types.
  • TM#160522 – Enable default Label Definition clearing
    Default label identification may now be cleared on profiles.
  • TM#162038 – DED -Enable Numeric Rules with Units
    Added ability to remove all alpha values in rules for the purposes of rule processing tests with units.
    When multiple matches are found, a dialog box opens allowing you to choose.
  • TM#160541 – DED Dynamic Lookups – Extend Selection List to library lookups
    ‘Dynamic Lookup’ has been added to DED Configuration allowing access to library items for user pick lists.
  • TM#162659 – Profile Code on Label instead of Profile Definition
    Field to print profile code on labels added.
  • TM#161292 – Implement Group KeepTogether
    Report Group level KeepTogether now offers three options:

    • KeepNothing: Do not try to keep the group together.
    • KeepWholeGroup: Keep the group header, detail, and footer together on a page.
    • KeepFirstDetail: Keep the group header and first detail section together on a page.
  • TM#162050 – Implement Interpretation field across all profile types
    New Interpretation field added to all profile types.
  • TM#161384 – Enabled Clinical\Tox default results
    Default results and other Data Entry Definition functionality added to Clinical\Toxicology tests.


  • TM#160781 – e.Query – Dynamic Picklist Performance – Enhancement
  • TM#161894 – e.Query – View Builder – Error when “/” in code – Corrected
  • TM#162860 – e.Query – Error Previewing View with many columns – Corrected
  • TM#162559 – e.Query – RTE for pointer pick list – Corrected
  • TM#162063 – e.Query – Micro – Implement Isolates Profiles\constituents in views
    Standard views updated for isolate profiles and constituents.



  • TM#158791 – Un-cancel sets incorrect case status – Corrected
  • TM#159469 – DisableChanged received date when addons are present and received date in the future
    Added to prevent errors.
  • TM#159177 – Disallow deleting WP linked specimen
    Added to eliminate inappropriate deletions.
  • TM#159793 – Patient History – Improve layout\display
    Cleaned up duplicated values to make the grid result easier to read.
  • TM#159976 – Hide PDF Viewer Navigation Pane
    Not needed and removed.
  • TM#160563 – Batch Inlab Infinite loop – patch 9/17 – Corrected
  • TM#161293 – Case Not Activating on Inlab – Patient went to archive – Corrected
  • TM#160291 – Patient History – order type alias
    Library items that have aliases defined are displaying with the alias.


  • TM#160590 – Standard Report Billing Summary
    Error in calculation of charges corrected.
  • TM#159777 – Report add page break in-between profiles
    Report Page Breaks setting inserts a page break after each profile, regardless of format being used by profile(s).
  • TM#159939 – Add Report Index Counter to Report selection fields
    Optional field displays a tally of the number of times the report has been saved.
  • TM#157657 – Enhanced Range\Reflex Rules
    Allow building reflex rules with values that exists “up the hierarchy” in the database. For example, at the patient, visit, case, specimen, and profile levels, besides results.


  • TM#158528 – e.Query – Insurance\Billing Views only show one insurance – Corrected
  • TM#159366 – e.Query – applied sorting of insurances – Corrected
  • TM#158977 – e.Query – Modifying an existing View
    Added ability to add tables to Views that have been used in a report, but not remove tables.
  • TM#160046 – e.Query – Set Column Descriptions
    Added ability to set column descriptions from report designer windows
  • TM#160437 – e.Query – Cursor Status Incorrect
    Improved accuracy busy status of cursor.
  • TM#160409 – Typo in message box when editing used View Definition – Corrected
  • TM#158733 – Added Canceled Profiles Management Reports View
    Additional fields for cancelled profiles related data added.
    Multiple e.Query related software errors corrected


  • TM#158752 – Outreach Integration – clear TEMP folder of bitmap files after viewing in NucleoLIS
    Standard clean up process.
  • TM#160009 – Error loading Outreach documents


  • TM#158586 – Cloning a clinical test does not clone any ranges, if specified
  • TM#158634 – Tox Test Definition defaults are being filled in on new and updated tests
  • TM#161041 – Toxicology – Allow combining units with cutoff value
    Field handling enhanced


  • TM#151158 – Patient History to Report – dynamic filtering on profile
    Added capability to auto filter profile based on the profiles present in the current case. Check box added to the History configuration, “Current Profiles”. When checked, the history data is automatically filtered to display only profiles that are present on the current case report.
  • TM#150823 – Consolidated Accession Entry Window name change
    Changed window name to Accession Entry.
  • TM#150857 – Consolidated Accession Entry Window
    Adding visit to existing patients has been improved (don’t need to return through visit fields).
  • TM#149713 – Add Specimen Age to Label Designer
    The Label Designer allows Specimen Age to be added.
    AgeReceivedDate (compares dob with received Date), AgeCollectionDate (compares dob with collection Date)
  • TM#151296 – Add PNG signatures
    Signature files in PNG format, which allows transparent backgrounds, can now be used on reports.
  • TM#151453 – Implement AddOns – Outreach to NucleoLIS
    Specimens that receive addon orders from Outreach after being received in NucleoLIS are flagged as having addons (use Alert Rule to display). Within NucleoLIS, the user can then Load Add Ons from the specimen menu.
  • TM#149689 – Admin Function – Clear Needs Corrected Flag
    Allows an administrator to clear completed cases that have been unintentionally flagged as “NEEDS CORRECTED”. Status is moved to “CASE COMPLETE”.
  • TM#151067 – Constituent based Always Report Message
    Text that is always reported may now be defined on the profile constituents.
  • TM#149742 – Allow Override of Underscore Hop Character
    Characters other than underscore may be defined as the placeholder character in result entry definitions.
  • TM#150316 – Alert Rules – Single Quote RTE
    If needed, Alert Rules may now contain single quotes by specifying them with special formatting.
  • TM#151068 – Implement Constituent Based Report Category
    Report Categories may be defined on the constituent level, then used in Report Designer to sort tests on reports.
  • TM#150188 – Allow Gross pre-inlab per source definition
    Can specify per source definition whether or not to allow Gross entry prior to flagging the specimen inlab.
  • TM#150033 – Allow access to CREW for inactive cases
    Consolidated Result Entry Window may be used to review results on deactivated cases.


  • TM#145040 – End User Management Report Designer
    New Query Designer window allows users to create their
    own Management Reports.
  • TM#149298 – DataCollect field – add XML viewing
    The DataCollect field at the profile level is used to store additional potentially large amounts of data associated with a profile\result. An XML view tab has been added to the window.
  • TM#149049 – (GAI) Update received date issue
    Received date displayed in military time for easier updates.
  • TM#149133 – Patient History – Includes WindoPath converted cases
  • TM#149040 – Add Collection Date Default Preference
    SiteWide Preference available to set the default collection
    date as yesterday, today or none.
  • TM#149051 – Added Patient Medicare Number field to the Report Designer
    Medicare Number is available for printing on Result Reports.
  • TM#146778 – Label Extensions – Label Lists
    All profiles ordered are listed on label.
  • TM#148108 – Case numbers not formatted correctly if cancel before inlab (Outreach Orders)
    This error has been corrected.
  • TM#148971 – Profile Clear does not refresh the CREW
    This error has been corrected.
  • TM#147233 [D] (UAHS) Consolidated Accessioning Window
    Perform rapid accessioning of cases in new window.
  • TM#149064 [F] (SPS) Implement WP Report Format Section (Linked case Diagnosis and Images)
    Insert WindoPath reported data in NucleoLIS reports.
  • TM#149517 [D] (SPS) WP\NUC Results – Send Special Flag
    Based on NucleoLIS Case Type, case level special flag can be passed to WindoPath.
  • TM#149081 [D] (SPS) Profile Clear Complete By User
    With preference true, clearing the Complete or Signed state of a profile can only be executed by admin users or the user that completed the profile.


Congratulations! This is real! We have a function built in to randomly award a little box of chocolates to our users as a thank you for using our system. Please send a screenshot of your authorization window to [email protected] so we can process your chocolate order.

Yes. First, build the alert(s) in your Phrases Library, using the “Client Specific Alerts” Box Name. Once built, go to Human Resources, and click on the Physicians tab. Then select any alerts you want to appear. Click Done. Now, any selected alerts will appear in the Accession Window and the Quick Case Window.

Yes. You can send a message to an individual user, as well as all users logged into WindoPath. Go to Human Resources, and click on the Users tab. From the Users menu, select Broadcast Message…in order to message all users. Click on a user (or multiple users) and choose Send Message… to pick individual user(s) to send it to. Type the message, and click Done. The user will receive the message immediately. The Broadcast message will be received by all users; if they are not logged in at the time, they will receive it at the time they next log in.

Open the Accession Window, and click on the tab you want to add a field to. Go to the Commands menu, and select Specify User Fields. A box will open asking you to name the fields as desired. They will now appear for use. If those three fields are already in use, you can repurpose another field by translating it to a different name.

Yes. There is a reserved preference called “extra tabs on Quick case Window” that will add five additional to the Quick Case Window. Those can be labeled to your liking by translating them. A Psychē Systems representative will have to enable it for you, or provide the instructions to set the preference.

Any field, tab, or label can be renamed to fit your lab’s needs. We recommend working in your TRAIN environment first to ensure you are translating the appropriate field.

  1. Go to the Manage menu, and select Set Preferences
  2. Go to the Site Wide menu, and select Modify Translation
  3. An open dialog box will appear. Without changing anything, click Open
  4. A new window will open that lists all the available options to translate. Search for and select the item you want to translate
  5. In the Trans. Field, type what you want the label to be
  6. Click the Replace Item button
  7. Click the Save button
  8. Click the Load Translation File button
  9. Another windows dialog box opens. Without clicking anything, click Open
  10. Click Done
  11. Confirm your change was made as expected.

A question mark on the Case List Window indicates the case has been malformed. This happens occasionally if something interrupts the background process that is occurring when a case is changing status. A Psychē Systems representative will have to resolve this on your behalf. Luckily, it is a quick fix. Email [email protected] to report the case number.

Before releasing any update, we always go through a specific testing and quality assurance process to reduce the likelihood any client will ever have an issue with an update. However, ever client has a unique situation, with different workflows, specialties, volumes, preferences, etc. Therefore, to reduce risk of interruption to your LIVE operations, we recommend thoroughly testing any update or change in your TRAIN environment first. Exactly how you test is up to you, but we recommend at least the following:

  • Completing at least one case of each case type from start to finish (accession to Needs Complete status)
  • Logging in as different users and perform their major functions while logged in as them (even better, have multiple users test)
  • Logging in from different workstations
  • Editing existing cases
  • Editing library items
  • Ordering and completing procedures
  • Pulling items from libraries
  • Testing any specific workflows that are customized for your lab
  • Test all the most important workflows for your site
  • Testing interfaces (if applicable)

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Molecular Information Management System January 2021



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