Psyche Partners


Psyche has formed relationships with strategic partners, key industry vendors, in order to broaden our offerings to our current clients and increase the level of functionality through seamless integrations and add-on product features. In addition to seamless functionality, many of our partnerships offer our customers reduced and special pricing.

With its extensive interfacing capabilities, Psyche supports full automation, integration with third-party and back office systems, and hybrid reporting. Psyche Systems develops and supports custom interfaces to any commercial or custom HIS, EHR, EMR/practice management or billing system that is based on HL7 or an industry standard ASCI delimited format.  We are able to interface or integrate with any application that uses an open API or ODBC compliant communication method.

All of Psyche’s products can process test requests and store results directly from instruments. Psyche Systems has a large library of programmed interfaces, which includes many of the major information systems and instruments available today. And, Psyche’s modular interface development process enables fast turnaround on requests for new interfaces.

Some of our key partners include the following companies:

Leica Biosystems

Digital pathology is no longer a promise of what could be. It offers proven solutions in research, biopharma, education, hospital, and reference labs across the world. Today, the affordable, complete portfolio of scanners, software, and services that compose the Aperio Digital Pathology Environment are lowering costs, increasing efficiency, and enhancing workflow in pathology labs just like yours.
Tightly integrated with Psyche’s LIS, Pathologists are now able to work seamlessly within WindoPath to view, annotate, and share digital slides as well as case information between Leica’s digital imaging solution and WindoPath – automatically and with a single sign-on.

Bio-Rad Laboratories

Psyche partners with Bio-Rad Laboratories to provide superior QC capabilities for laboratories within our LIS. Bio-Rad has the industry’s most robust QC data management tool for regulatory compliance, participation in the Unity Interlaboratory Program, and statistical process control with audit trails.

Blue River Systems

Clinical Laboratory Document Management capturing lab requisitions as soon as possible, at patient service centers or immediately upon they arrival at the central lab and making available to lab personnel when needed adds tremendous savings in time and resources, Incorporate remit and EOB scanning, foreign lab report, and making this information available at billing time with a single key stroke and you increase productivity and reduce your waiting time to get paid. The right information at the right time.

Coriell Life Sciences

Coriell Life Sciences (CLS) has developed a Genomic Data Ecosystem that offers storage of genomic data, expert interpretation and an interchange framework that delivers clinically-relevant genomic interpretation at the point-of-care.

Anchored by an ongoing partnership with the Coriell Institute for Medical Research and IBM, CLS was formed to scale-up the robust framework and process architecture developed for the Coriell Personalized Medicine Collaborative (CPMC).

Data Innovations

Founded in 1989, Data Innovations is the world’s largest clinical and blood laboratory middleware company. With a focus solely on laboratory data management and offices in the United States, Belgium, Brazil, China, France, and the United Kingdom. Data Innovations is the only middleware company with a true global scope. Our business partnership with Data Innovations allows our customers to connect their instrumentation to our laboratory information systems seamlessly. The Data Innovations Instrument Manager and Laboratory Production Manager represent the most complete offerings in the market for pre-analytical, analytical, and post-analytical sample processing and non-analytical tasks such as equipment maintenance. Almost 1,000 different instruments, automation systems, and information systems are supported by the Data Innovations product line.


Psyche partners with Ellkay to provide a bridge between a PMS and our information solutions. Ellkay provides a solution to one of the most common issues physicians have while creating requisitions – they find that retyping patient demographics information is burdensome and can be inaccurate. The bridge was created so that physician offices would never have to retype information that already existed on their Practice Management System (PMS).

General Data Company, Inc.

General Data provides products and technology solutions that fit the needs of each individual healthcare worker and integrate with Psyche’s WindoPath LIS to streamline processes, reduce costs and improve workflow. By using the latest bar coding and wireless technologies, you will be able to decrease liability and minimize human error while improving the quality of care and reducing your cost per patient.

Healthpac Computer Systems Inc.

HPlusPro is a quick, highly customizable and easy to use billing software system offering fast tracking of demographics, background and insurance information. Psyche’s WindoPath LIS integrates with Healthpac’s billing solution to offer your lab a seamless, customizable and affordable billing solution.

Translational Software

Translational Software® is enabling healthcare providers to realize the promise of precision medicine. We simplify complex genetic data into evidence-based actionable recommendations and deliver information in platform agnostic formats. Our vision is to inform clinical decisions affecting patients around the world with the best available personalized guidance to ensure effective care.
Today we provide actionable information for pharmacogenomics, carrier screening and wellness. Since 2013 our network of over 80 labs have delivered over 1 million support recommendations to more than 20 thousand clinicians.

Ventana, Inc. (Roche)

We offer both uni-directional and bi-directional connectivity between Psyche’s WindoPath and Ventana’s instruments. Uni-directional interfaces allow labels to be printed automatically at the Ventana printer, using accession and test order information sent automatically from the WindoPath system. Bi-directional interfaces allow the above, PLUS test status information to be sent from the Ventana host computer back to WindoPath. Psyche is the only Lab vendor partner who is implementing this advanced feature now, and both Psyche and Ventana are eager to demonstrate this key, unique functionality for you.