Dermatological Testing: Why Simple Skin Conditions Can Be More Complex

Dermatological testing is a rapidly advancing field within the medical laboratory testing community. There are many applications for dermatological testing that go beyond the basics of understanding a patient’s skin condition. Your diagnostic lab can get involved with the latest advancements by providing local facilities with dermatological testing procedures. As with any type of diagnostic testing, dermatological testing requires solid medical software systems, ongoing support, the latest advancements in medical system technology, and knowledge from your software systems provider. Here at Psychē Systems, we provide the most cutting-edge software systems for all your laboratory needs. 

Psychē is here to help your lab expand its outreach into the dermatological testing field. We can pair you with software that makes testing a breeze. Access patient information from anywhere using convenient, easy-to-read graphics, interfaces, and inputs. Learn more by visiting our website today, or reach out to discuss your needs with our customer service specialists. 

Introduction to Dermatological Lab Testing

First, let’s learn some of the basics behind dermatological testing. Dermatological lab testing encompasses diagnostic laboratory tests that can reveal vital information about a patient’s skin health (dermatology). With our software solutions, you can conduct noninvasive and simple tests that reveal a great deal about the patient’s overall health. You can test for anything from seemingly minor skin defects to more serious issues like cancerous cell growths in your diagnostic laboratory. 

In comparison to other types of medical testing, the field of dermatological testing is still in its infancy. This means there is much research, study, and knowledge to be gained about the full potential of medical practitioners using the results of dermatological testing for more precise patient care. However, it is increasingly apparent that dermatological lab testing can reveal valuable insights into more serious health complications in patients. 

The Insights of Dermatological Testing

Some of the latest insights into the world of dermatological testing have revealed how accurate it can be in detecting more prominent diseases. Testing can reveal multiple diseases in the early stages of development, including possible indicators of cancerous cell growth. Even noninvasive testing protocols can detect more serious issues before they spread and cause long-term illness. Therefore, local medical partners might request a simple dermatological testing procedure to test the cells for abnormalities. 

This can be done quickly with the right medical software from Psychē Systems. Our WindoPath E.ssential software and our Micropath Culturing technology are some of the most advanced options on the market today. With the right technology, diagnostic labs across the nation can now investigate what might appear to be simple skin conditions quickly to help aid in improved precision medicine, reduced health risks, and monitoring long-term and terminal illnesses in patients.  

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Why Conduct Noninvasive Diagnostic Tests?

One of the most important questions your laboratory should ask is what type of testing procedures you want to offer. In the world of lab testing, there are both invasive and noninvasive testing procedures, each with its unique applications. When it comes to dermatological testing, there is sometimes a need for invasive testing measures, but often noninvasive testing is the best place to begin. Noninvasive testing is less intrusive for the patient, usually quicker, and can establish the same accuracy in its results as other testing protocols. 

At Psychē Systems, our software systems support many noninvasive testing procedures within the field of dermatological testing. This makes it simple for labs to start offering the latest testing procedures in the field. It’s a win-win whenever a patient and a testing facility are both able to conduct a test using a noninvasive method supported by reliable medical-grade software systems. 

Learn More with Psychē Medical Laboratory Software for Dermatological Testing

The world of dermatological testing still has much to offer the medical field as it continues to develop into a more complex field of study. Using noninvasive testing procedures, your diagnostic lab can take part in the movement to detect illnesses before they progress, aiding in better precision medicine across the country. 

With the right software systems from Psychē Systems, you have all the resources to get started today! Psychē Systems is one of the nation’s fastest-growing medical software companies dedicated to assisting labs across the country succeed, help others, and make the world a healthier place. Just give us a call at 508-422-0157 or visit our website. Our professional representatives will help you find the right systems for your laboratory’s needs.


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Dermatological Testing: Why Simple Skin Conditions Can Be More Complex