Aurora Diagnostics

nucleoLIS Customer Case Study

Aurora Diagnostics is a leading independent pathology services and cancer diagnostics company, offering integrated diagnostic and personalized medicine consultations and information technology solutions to physicians and hospital systems.

Aurora’s pathologists provide diagnostic opinions and work collaboratively with referring physicians to determine appropriate patient treatment options. They also provide services to pharmaceutical companies and other research entities to support their efforts to develop new cancer treatments.

Aurora Diagnostics operates 29 community-based pathology practices with over 200 board-certified pathologists. The company also provides services to a broad array of physician specialists, including dermatologists, obstetricians and gynecologists, family practitioners, gastroenterologists, urologists, general surgeons, and oncologists.

The Challenge

Aurora Diagnostics was looking for a flexible system that could handle the specificity of the molecular workflow and reporting functionality. They wanted the ability to create and use multiple or flexible table formats that were easy to construct and able to scale to the needs of molecular tests being performed. They were also looking to support the extraction and hybridization aspects of the molecular workflow.

Why Aurora Diagnostics Chose
Psychē Systems and nucleoLIS

One of the primary reasons Aurora Diagnostics chose nucleoLIS was because they were already using other Psychē Systems products. They knew, trusted, and were comfortable with Psychē’s ability to integrate this functionality. Aurora did not want to spend time learning new systems, infrastructures, and formats or educating another vendor on how to do this.

They needed the ability to leverage the reports and templates for reports from other laboratory information systems (LIS) in their molecular LIS — something nucleoLIS can do — such as the bone marrow summary report which shows three separate visits combined in one location. The physician can see the past two visits along with the current one to get a better patient view for diagnosis.
Aurora Diagnostics does a lot of FISH and wanted to bring over all of their FISH testing from Anatomic Pathology into nucleoLIS.

Another major deciding factor was the flexibility of the application. Aurora also needed to be able to use it as a standalone lab system that can integrate with all of their other labs.

The Implementation Process

According to Aurora, the implementation went well and both the Aurora and Psychē teams worked well together. The quality of their molecular images now looks like they were printed directly in the application. The report generation had a bit of a learning curve moving from Anatomic Pathology to the molecular report creation, which is far more complex.


All of Aurora’s molecular testing can now be done in one lab and sent back to seven labs. Aurora is looking forward to integrating a portal to all of their labs that aren’t currently interfaced with nucleoLIS.

Aurora Diagnostics currently has seven labs that create molecular test orders that are then routed to nucleoLIS. The testing is performed and reported out of that one lab, then the reports and results are routed back to the original ordering lab. Their next step is to be able to do this type of routing from all of their labs, including their hospital labs. nucleoLIS is also completing and pushing the report directly out to the oncologist who is in the best position to read it and provide the treatment recommendations for the patient.

Our NGS report looks awesome. It is very complicated and complex based on a combination of being able to provide the genes expressed, clinical trials that are available for the patient to participate in, and recommended drugs the patient can use for treatment. It was a very smart design.