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  • NucleoLIS molecular lab testing software is tailored to the unique workflows of laboratory-defined tests. Now you can streamline the diagnostically diverse complexities of molecular and genetic testing.
  • NucleoLIS, a molecular information management system, is a fully automated solution designed to support and manage the unique workflows and complex reporting requirements of the molecular and genetic lab, including DNA/RNA sequencing, PCR, FISH, karyotyping, immunology, pharmacogenomics, toxicology, and other laboratory-developed tests.
  • NucleoLIS molecular lab testing software allows for the construction and full configuration of specific test menus and workflows, supports rules-based logic for reflex testing, and features highly customizable report formatting and distribution.

Features & Benefits


Create worksheets, such as plate maps, directly in NucleoLIS. Start from scratch or import an existing spreadsheet you currently use.

Batch/Run Management

Create and manage batches or “runs” for analysis, including well plate assignment, mapping, and communication with automation platforms.

Ask at Order Entry Questions

Require users to answer questions at order entry, based on case type, specimen, or profile/test.

e.Query Management Reporting Tool

Build and run comprehensive management reports without having to join tables.

Billing Functionality

Automatically add charges based on specimen or profile/test type.

OneVersion ™ Structure

Enable new features as they become available, rather than waiting for costly and time-consuming upgrades.

Instrument Review (IReview)

Review results from instruments for quality assurance prior to releasing them into patients’ records.

Reflex Orders

Automatically place orders based on rules about your specimens, referring providers, case type, and more.

Specimen Storage Manager

Track where and when specimens are stored for easy retrieval and access.

Supports Familial Relationships

Link a complete patient history, including familial relationships, to enhance diagnostic and predictive outcomes.

Signature Options

Require or prevent signatures on preliminary reports, allow multiple signatures, set up delayed finalization so pathologists avoid corrected reports, and even configure which individual profiles need signatures.

Intelligent Reporting

Choose which sections, statements, and methodology to include or omit from reports to each referring provider.

Case Studies

“Our NGS report looks awesome. It is very complicated and complex based on a combination of being able to provide the genes expressed, clinical trials that are available for the patient to participate in, and recommended drugs the patient can use for treatment. It was a very smart design.”

— Mathews Plamkoodan
Laboratory Director

“NucleoLIS and Psychē have met or exceeded
all of our expectations to date and I’m confident that they will continue to do so in the future.”

— Reed Chamberlin
Laboratory Supervisor

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