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The LIS or LIMS software allows several benefits for all labs and employees. Utilizing LIS or LIMS software allows a lab to build their efficiency with testing and maintain proficiency as they properly store data within the systems.

All samples and experiments are stored within this software, and work can be transferred between colleagues through working queues. The amount of human error is reduced significantly because this software will implement the same testing with each submission. Past and current data are easily accessible through this software.

Precision medicine can benefit the mass population by taking information from that person’s genetics and developing specific medication. These benefits include the following: 

  • Unique approaches to treatments and medical data for individual patients
  • Partnerships between scientists and established research
  • Innovation opportunities for the FDA and other governing bodies for new medication

With precision medicine, how all parties involved develop and treat medications can shift moving forward.

Utilizing an LIS is essential to the clinical laboratory because it reduces the required data entry and provides the most accurate information at all times. While protecting the patient’s privacy, all data details are stored and able to be transferred when necessary in terms of treatment and research. 

While there are several features that you can enjoy in most LIS systems, there are some features that are non-negotiable when it comes to managing your lab and streamlining treatment and research options. 

  • Have a tracking system for specimens and results in all testing
  • Determine correlation patterns with data and tests
  • Streamlined work queues that will automatically transfer to the appropriate party when routed
  • Including a detailed history of when reports were viewed and routed through queues
  • Status updates for tests and workflow
  • Offer a patient portal for record access

These features allow information to remain secure but be utilized appropriately during testing and making a treatment determination. This information is vital for determining treatment and testing, but it must also remain compliant with privacy requirements for the patient and those allowed access.

When Psyche initially designed its software, it was done with the ability to grow with labs and encourage high-volume testing as soon as the lab was ready to take on the work. Psyche understands that trial and error is a large part of the medical world, and this LIS is designed to handle this data, analyze it for comparison and help labs move forward with the next round of tests. 

When the data is submitted to the Psychle LIS, several checks are administered to determine its accuracy before it is submitted. Should there be any questions on the submission, an alert is made, and your lab can make adjustments necessary so that the submission is not rejected. 

There are a few factors that you should consider when you are deciding on LIS software. 

  1. Reduce third parties and middleware
  2. Cost-effectiveness of system
  3. Compatible with your lab and needs
  4. User-friendly design
  5. Adaptable for growth

The LIS system that you choose for your lab must be efficient enough to reduce your need for middleware and also be able to grow with your lab as your research improves. The LIS should be easy to use for all parties, including those working in the lab and the patients accessing their side of the portal. The LIS system should also reduce your overall costs after implementing it into your labs and help make your workload more efficient with its compatibility.

Are you ready to improve the testing workload but lack the manual hours? If your lab spends a lot of labor and time with clerical tasks daily, it may be time to move forward with the LIS software. You may not have the funds to grow the lab, but a LIS system can remove the daunting tasks of data entry and open up more time to improve research and the results your lab regularly gains. 

The LIS from Psyche does offer cloud hosting as an option for organizations with multiple labs and campuses and need to extend their access beyond the lab’s location. With cloud hosting, you can expand your data storage as large as you need and maintain control of your data.

If you decide against cloud hosting, your lab only allows so much storage confined to that location. This may be a viable option for smaller labs, especially if your lab maintains the same amount of research and testing throughout the year.

The design of the Psyche LIMS software is adaptable and can be customized to fit a variety of needs for your lab. This is why it is utilized in different lab types, where there is a variety of testing and the amount of data stored regularly. You can build your LIMS when you work with a Psyche representative and outline your needs. 

The LIS implementation process refers to overhauling your database and linking your records to your chosen LIS. This implementation system requires the system to either merge or upload the required data so that everything is accessible through the system. This process also includes training current staff members on the new system.

The implementation process can take several weeks for your lab, especially if you are part of a larger organization. This process is set up by stakeholders, administrators, the IT department, and members of the LIS system to implement stages slowly. This process starts with the first stage of migrating data and ends once training is over with staff members. 

The overall cost of a LIMS being integrated into your lab include the following: 

  • Software licensing
  • Lab adaptions
  • Future costs for standard support

Implementing a LIMS means that you will need to cover the costs affiliated with software licensing to maintain the compatibility of the system and any future maintenance or support that is required. You can also expect some upgrades and modification adaptions to the lab to support the LIMS once added.

The best LIS options can be paired with other systems for data integrations. They can also be connected to some of the leading instruments you regularly utilize in your lab. However, depending on the system, some may be brand-specific or universal. 

The first compliance step in a LIS is the audit trail that shows when the data was uploaded or imported to the system and how it has been used. It determines who has accessed the information and when it allows the lab to remain accountable if there is a concern with HIPAA at some point. Access can also be restricted to some data and even done so by the patient. 

All updates required for your Psyche LIS software will be implemented as soon as possible, depending on the lab’s work schedule and the time needed for maintenance. The goal of Psyche is to roll out these updates immediately after they are available to maintain the quality and compliance of the software. 

If you need additional training for yourself or staff members, numerous resources are available online to help them navigate the system and how to utilize the different tasks.

Also, you can access support by opening a ticket regarding your situation, and a representative will look into the problem during business hours. There is also a number you can call after standard business hours for any emergencies that arise and cannot wait until the next day. In these cases, please call 774-804-3017.

As a Psyche client, you can reach out to support to take advantage of consulting services for your system and be connected with other industry professionals that may be able to assist. Many of the Psyche employees have a background in the medical industry and can assist you with needs on your LIS system and even lab-related questions. 

The name “Psyche” references the Greek goddess who was born as a human and then rose to immortality by continuing to adapt and complete the impossible tasks for Aphrodite. Psyche Systems is modeled after her ability to continue to grow, inspire, and achieve for labs everywhere. 

Psyche’s support offers consulting services for the different labs that are serviced, and IT support around the clock, if necessary, to assist with any issues you may experience. 

If you would like more information about Psyche and becoming a customer, you can complete the contact form with detailed questions and contact information so they can get back to you.

The corporate office number in Hopkinton, MA, is 508-473-1500, and technical support can be reached at [email protected].