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Our NGS report looks awesome. It is very complicated and complex based on a combination of being able to provide the genes expressed, clinical trials that are available for the patient to participate in, and recommended drugs the patient can use for treatment. It was a very smart design.

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“My only regret is that due to time constraints here, I have spent less time working with the system than I would have liked post-live operations. The capabilities are much better as a molecular LIS. The workflow and features are built for molecular. I don’t feel we have even scratched the surface of what we could do with it as we continue using all of the features, but what we do use it for works very well for our lab and our staff.

“The flexibility is so good (we frequently add new types of tests and workflows) and it is really easy with the build and the report formatter to add to and whip something up and put it in use very quickly.

“nucleoLIS and Psychē have met or exceeded all of our expectations to date and I’m confident that they will continue to do so in the future.”

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We were talking all of the time to try and get the system work… and they knew the system inside and out. The level of service they gave us was unprecedented, I’ve never been given that kind of customer service with any company – and I’ve worked with every single major company in the scientific world…. I’ve never had that type of customer service. They were there any time I needed them, whenever I called, and they were there to help – and they helped – It wasn’t ‘sorry the system can’t do this’, it was ‘well figure it out’… and they did

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“Overall very user-friendly. Once the product is set up correctly, it flows very well from finding history to faxing reports. Customer service was great with helping us figure out the initial fixes after our upgrade.”

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“The sales team at Psyche is an absolute dream team – they were super responsive, communicative, and adapted to our many needs.”

“As microbiology changes, I am able to customize MicroPath® according to CLSI changes and organism nomenclature changes and I have been able to interface MicroPath to accessory equipment without the help of middleware. In addition, MicroPath is easily interfaced with traditional middleware to susceptibility instruments. The mapping is quite simple and their technical support is responsive.”

Laurie P.
Microbiology Manager

“This software is easy to use, customizable, reliable and has been consistent. I have been using this product for 10 years and have never had an issue that wasn’t resolved immediately and to my satisfaction.”

Marissa S.
Cytology Supervisor

“The WindoPath® software has great ease of use and the ability to customize the system to our organization’s needs. Psychē Systems has been excellent to work with on projects, from special customization and regular system updates.”

Heather S.
System Manager, Anatomic Pathology and Cytology

“Everyone we worked with was responsive and resilient during a busy season, and as a team effort we were able to adapt the system to meet our immediate needs.”

“This software is user friendly. It was designed by people who understand the flow of work in a laboratory, therefore the system is intuitive. The range of customization allows for easy adjustments for your specific needs. When looking for a system I needed something for molecular use. This software allowed us to be able to use it for our molecular needs without having to build it from scratch.”

Stefanie B.
Medical Technologist: LIS Specialist

“A big plus is knowing some of the upcoming features that will be available in the coming months – Psyche is still growing and improving.”

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