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EMR Interfacing

EMR Interfacing

Psychē Systems has developed a solution to connect physician office EMR and Practice Management systems to your lab, without the cost and complexity of traditional interfacing methods. This dynamic web-based process exchanges data from your clients’ EMR systems with your hospital or laboratory information system (LIS).

Psychē’s intelligent patient matching capabilities can dramatically reduce or eliminate the need for manual or duplicate data entry for you and your clients, which will improve accuracy and turnaround time while reducing errors. Information is exchanged using standard industry file formats, including HL7, XML, and PDF.

Blood test


Now you can offer your customers the ability to order a full range of clinical, pathology, and molecular tests. With the click of a mouse, give them the ability to route the orders directly to the appropriate testing location and receive the customized reports back in the manner they prefer.

The Order Entry module provides patient and sample demographic entry as well as a menu of lab tests and supplies that can be ordered by each client or physician. Clients can search for specific patient reports or view a listing of all available reports by date range and completion status.

In addition to viewing the patient’s current report, clients can view a patient’s full result history. One or more clinical tests can be selected and displayed in a graph over time to further enhance the diagnostic value of the results.

Printed Lab Results


Print your laboratory’s result report directly to the location your client prefers — a printer in the office, on their desk, or at multiple office locations. The options are limitless.

ē.AutoPrint is your lab’s solution to the dreaded fax. You are no longer tied to dedicated phone lines, line and usage charges, low resolution, or grainy black and white reports. ē.AutoPrint provides full-color, high-resolution images on reports for a polished final product.

Business Intelligence

business intelligence docs icon


Scans paper documents and automatically attaches the digitally scanned document to the specified case.

Business Intelligence monitor icon


Monitors all laboratory interfaces and provides notifications when interfaces are not functioning properly. Learn more.

Business Intelligence synoptic query icon


Designed to enable users to create customized management reports.

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A real-time dashboard to monitor and visually display laboratory metrics.

Business Intelligence site security icon

Site Security

A WindoPath® feature that enables a single WindoPath LIS database to be used by multiple labs.

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Synoptic Reporting

A WindoPath module that enables reporting of Anatomic Pathology diagnosis results using CAP electronic Cancer Checklists (eCC).

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