4 Things You Need for a Successful Lab Startup Business

By Psychē Systems

By chuttersnap on Unsplash
By chuttersnap on Unsplash

Starting a lab can be daunting, there’s no question about it. But if you have the right ingredients, you’re in for a rewarding experience. There’s no set formula for what a profitable, gainful lab looks like, but there are a few key points. These key points can be traced through many successful labs across the country and throughout the world. Here are four of those key points, including medical laboratory software and more. 

A Hungry Team

One of the biggest elements that will make or break a startup lab business isn’t anything you can buy. It’s the team. The group that you select and bring together will define how successful your adventure will be. There are pages and pages of Google results out there for “hiring the best people for the job.” 

Don’t skimp on research into your candidate’s qualifications, but also be mindful of the questions you want to ask them. Hiring, in many cases, is partly data-based decision-making and partly listening to your intuition. If they look good on paper but don’t seem like a fit for the team or the atmosphere you’re trying to cultivate, keep going. 

Medical Laboratory Software

Your next biggest investment after the team should be your software. Making sure you have high-quality tools to get the best results is essential. Look for software that gives you multiple ways to use it and can grow with your lab. 

It also is a good idea to look for a medical laboratory software system that will grow with the field as new discoveries are made. Otherwise, you’ll be reinvesting in software every few years. This will lead to lower profit margins and a software setup that always feels like it’s racing to catch up to science, rather than a tool that quietly serves your team and helps with your daily operations.

When shopping for a medical laboratory software system, look for a customizable platform. Nothing feels worse for many lab techs than having to work day in and day out on a big-box software setup that doesn’t tailor itself to your workflow. Keep the team agile and efficient by giving them customized tools to help their workflow.

A Great Set of Hardware

Keep in mind that top-notch software can be crippled by poor hardware. Invest in lab equipment that can be with you for the long run. Bypassing on investment in hardware can mean the same reinvestment issues later that will cut into any profit margins. Invest upfront in good quality lab equipment that can grow with the team and grow with the field whenever possible.

A Little Bit of Luck

Some of the greatest companies of our time started out with a lot of work and a little dash of luck. That luck might manifest itself in a team that comes together easily and works hard. You could say it’s based on hiring intuition, but some people might call it luck. 

Your team could get a big break with new discoveries in the field. They might use those advantages to not only be the best that they can but to also help advance science. Luck might even mean a great location that you happen to be able to snap up in the early days of your business planning. Whatever luck looks like for your team, you might need just a little to be super successful. 

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