5 Tips For Choosing The Right Laboratory Information System

By Psychē Systems

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Choosing the right laboratory information system, or LIS, is essential to the health and well-being of your lab. As the guardian of your lab’s overall productivity and success, choosing a LIS can feel daunting – but it doesn’t have to.

There are key factors to look for in any good LIS and things to keep in mind about your specific lab when selecting the perfect information system for your needs.

Make Sure Its Reporting Works for Your Lab Team

Each lab’s needs for reporting will vary based on dozens of factors. Some things to consider might be the depth of reporting, speed of reporting, amount of regular patient data intake, visuals needed during reporting, and more.

Psyche Medical Laboratory Systems has a whole range of products dedicated to top-notch reporting that is customizable to your needs. MicroPath and WindoPath are two of our most popular products for this reason. We are committed to the best reporting features we can offer and making those tools good enough that each report generated is consistently phenomenal.

Cut Out Middleware

Look for a LIS that can help you cut out middleware and expensive third-party solutions. Your LIS should be able to interface with all the tools and software in your lab that it needs to connect with. Having a middleman will slow down your lab’s process and cause frustrations for the team.

Look for User-Friendly Interfaces

Nothing is worse than buying new software and realizing that no one in the room can figure out how to use it. Avoid costly training days and ramp-up periods by finding a LIS that’s easy to use in the first place.

At Pysche Medical Laboratory, we pride ourselves on the user experience in our software. We’ve engineered all our tools so you get the job done as efficiently as possible.

Consider Cost-Effective LIS Investments

Any great business mind knows that sometimes the cheapest sticker price isn’t the most economical choice. Make sure that when you pick a LIS, you’re investing in your lab’s future and not just sorting by “price ascending.”

A great cost-effective LIS will be customizable, easy to use out of the box, and will help your lab team get things done right the first time around. A great LIS will reduce patient wait time, will generate intuitive reports, and will give your lab team the confidence to complete their work on time to the best of their abilities.

Find a LIS That Grows With the Industry

Science is changing and evolving all the time. Make sure that your information system can evolve with the times and the new knowledge out there.

We pride ourselves on having software that can be customized and updated with the most up-to-date labeling and scientific classification.

If you want a consultation on any of Psyche Medical Laboratory’s information systems, reach out to us today. We offer demos year-round and can’t wait to introduce you to our systems. We think you and your lab team will love them.