All About LIS for Medical Labs

By Psychē Systems

LIS medical labs need reliable software systems.
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Medical labs have a huge potential to offer critical lab testing to local medical offices, hospitals, and pathologist facilities. In today’s world, the difference a reliable lab can make in local medical offices is becoming more widespread. Across the board, new advancements in genetic testing, as well as essential health care diagnostic labs, have brought medical labs to the forefront of the general public’s attention. As a result, increased demand for reliable LIS medical labs has occurred. That’s where we come into the equation at Psychē Medical Laboratory Systems. As demand grows for reliable medical laboratories, so does the demand for lab equipment that supports these labs’ functions. Diagnostic labs have advanced rapidly due to new research as well as cutting-edge breakthroughs in medical lab software and technology. 

Medical labs can do so much more today than they could years ago because of these advancements. As a result, lab software must be calibrated to the highest level of operations to ensure a lab’s success. Plus, labs rely on the best medical software to offer their services to medical facilities nearby. At Psychē Medical Laboratory Systems, we bring you the best of LIS medical labs at an affordable cost. Visit our website to learn even more about LIS for medical labs. 

Introduction to LIS Medical Labs Software 

Every medical lab must be able to keep up with demand from medical facilities and hospitals. Poor results can lead to the collapse of a diagnostic lab, large or small. However, with reliable software systems, resources, and support established, medical laboratories can operate optimally and ensure their success. Medical laboratory software is the backbone of all medical lab operations. 

Converting to an LIS system can help any laboratory with their daily operations. LIS stands for Laboratory Information Systems software. LIS Medical labs stay ahead because the software keeps them from falling behind, allowing them to keep up with an influx in diagnostic testing demand. In fact, LIS systems are known for helping lab owners stay organized, provide accurate turnarounds, and grow their laboratory systems without losing profits. 

The Evolution of LIS Software 

LIS software has evolved in tandem with current research, breakthroughs, and needs within the medical field. Hospitals and other medical facilities are far from the only ones relying on labs from reliable diagnostic testing centers. Individuals are also taking the initiative in their healthcare.  Everything from genetic testing to preventative health information and chromosome tests are popular options for individuals to order from diagnostic labs. As a result, labs must stay prepared for this growing demand with the best software. In turn, the software has evolved to keep up with new machine capabilities. In the past, medical software would simply track samples and display results. However, it now handles a wide range of tasks to help labs run more efficiently. 

LIS Medical Labs you can count on.
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Laboratory Information Systems Up Close 

Medical labs employ LIS systems for all-day support of their functions. They help to track laboratory data and formulate a streamlined system that can help with sample barcodes, scanners, batch numbers, and other organization formats. Furthermore, LIS systems are great for organizing workflow. It’s important for labs to always know where a sample currently is in the testing process. LIS medical labs have the software to document and track sample progress. LIS systems also act as a unique inventory, documenting tasks as a task manager and streamlining communication. Without these functions, LIS medical labs would not be able to provide their clients with the highest-quality results. 

Choosing LIS Medical Labs Software 

One of the most important choices your medical lab can make is choosing the right LIS software. There is a delicate balance between choosing software that can manage a higher workflow demand and locating affordable software solutions. Psychē Medical Laboratory Software is designed to effortlessly maintain that balance. Furthermore, our LIS medical labs software offers numerous other benefits. Not only will our systems keep your lab operating smoothly, but we will also increase overall efficiency for your lab. In the future, this might be the key you need to increase profits and outreach without over-reaching your capabilities. 

Build Your Own LIS Resource 

Psychē Medical Laboratory Software even provides a helpful build-your-own LIS software tool. This resource allows users to receive top-notch software in a convenient bundle they help design. Our customer service team works with startup labs and well-established facilities of all kinds to develop new LIS software functionalities every day. Not all LIS software is created equal, and neither are any two medical labs. Therefore, it makes sense to work with Psychē Medical Laboratory Software’s superior quality LIS self-building tools to craft a flexible, affordable, and efficient LIS system for your needs. Just contact us today to begin. 

Choose Psychē for LIS Medical Labs

Psychē Systems has carved out a name for ourselves as one of the nation’s leading software providers for medical labs across the United States. With our streamlined LIS systems, you get everything you need to start or advance your LIS medical lab. Many of our clients have been working with Psychē Systems for decades of reliable service.  Psyche Medical Laboratory Software can be reached by phone today at 508-422-0157.