Are You Using the Right Anatomic Pathology Software?

By Psychē Systems

By Jesse Orrico on Unsplash
By Jesse Orrico on Unsplash

There can be many signs that you need a new software source if you know how to see those signs. Making sure your anatomic pathology software, or AP software, is right for you and your lab can make all the difference in your workflow. Here are a few things that can tell you when it’s time to find a new AP software. 

If you’re in the market for new software, reach out to Psyche Medical Laboratory today. Our state-of-the-art software helps your team look good on every case, with functions that keep you organized and efficient. 

Large Error Margins

One of the first signs that your current AP software isn’t keeping up is a widening, or just plain wide, margin of error. We’re all human and mistakes can be made, but if you’re noticing errors in the processes that shouldn’t be there, a clunky AP software might be to blame. 

Psyche Medical Laboratory’s WindoPath Ē.ssential® is an anatomic pathology software created to make reporting and tracking easy and intuitive. The streamlined accessioning helps keep reports and tests as error-free as possible. There’s also the OneVersion™ to make sure that updates for new features are installed immediately. 

Third-Party Necessities

Having to use third-party software and hardware as a go-between because your AP software isn’t compatible with your lab’s tools can add to the error margin and slow down processes.  

WindoPath Ē.ssential® is created with barcode compatibility and other features to help it stay compatible with most of the tools in your lab. 

Rigid Reporting Structures

In order to provide your clients with unparalleled service, choose an AP software that has multiple reporting features. This could include custom reports, mapping, and more. Detailed maps and other features are the difference between a good AP software and a great one. 

Out-of-the-Box Use

Picking a boxed, one-size-fits-all AP software might work for some labs, but great customer service lies in customized software. Because of this, you should find a software that is customizable to your specific workflow and your lab. This will also maximize productivity and to get the best value for your investment.  

With features like user-defined filters, top-notch auditing processes, and record locking, Psyche Medical Laboratory offers one of the best AP software choices on the market.  Also, the fact that it’s totally customizable sets it apart from the competition. 

Support Woes

If your current AP software support is the favorite joke around the office, it might be time for a new software company. Psyche Medical Laboratory offers high-quality customer service on all of our products. 

We’d love to give you a demo of WindoPath Ē.ssential® today. This demo can prove that our software is the right choice for your lab. Call or contact us today for a demo and a quick chat about what our software can do for you.