6 Things to Expect from Your Cloud Laboratory Software

By Psychē Systems

Cloud laboratory software that is reliable.
Photo by CDC on Unsplash
Cloud laboratory software that is reliable.
Photo by CDC on Unsplash

Working with medical diagnostic laboratory software can pose a learning curve for new startup labs. Nobody is born knowing the detailed ins and outs of their cloud laboratory software systems. Therefore, understanding all elements of your laboratory software is the best place to start to ensure the success of your diagnostic lab.

Now, with cloud laboratory software from Psychē Medical Laboratory Software, you have the tools you need to start your lab. Furthermore, you have the backing and support of trained professionals. These experts can answer all of your laboratory-related questions. Understanding your budget, timetable, and processes behind your software can ultimately help your lab function better overall.

Psychē Medical Laboratory Software is here to help your diagnostic lab stand out from the pack. We offer the latest cutting-edge medical field software. Here are six things you can expect from your medical diagnostic software.

Cloud Laboratory Software with Easy-To-Use Interfaces

At Psychē Medical Systems, all of our diagnostic software plans are easy to use.  As a result, our software is very beginner-friendly. Furthermore, it will reduce the risk of errors because of a steep learning curve. While there is a lot to learn about your software, our easy-to-use interfaces make your work easier. Also, with natural workflow built into our software systems, you can follow general patterns to make your job more efficient.

Intuitive Culture Accessioning Software

Similarly, your diagnostic lab software should also make your job easier. Micropath is a culture accessioning all-inclusive software. We offer intuitive culture accessioning software with MicroPath Ē.ternity.

Cultures arrive at your lab, are scanned by a barcoded number, and instantly retrieve your information on that patient and culture. In addition, it can even generate media labels for specific numbers of specimens and support serological testing.

Cloud laboratory software that is at the top of its competition.
Photo by Testalize.me on Unsplash

Result Entries Made Easy With Cloud Laboratory Software

You can also make result entries a simple process with cloud laboratory software systems. Your diagnostic software can document cultures fast. Cloud laboratory software can even isolate specific biochemical testing by organism identification and sensitivity.

This software can quickly enter information manually and increase your performance rates by doing multiple tests at one time per day. Batch result entries are also possible, making it possible for technologists to finalize cultures with the same results instantly.

Auto Print Technology

With your cloud laboratory software, it is now simple to auto print results fast. In fact, you can print results directly to your client’s preferred location. Locations might include their office, desk, or a medical establishment. Anything is possible with this handy function. You no longer have to worry about unreliable fax machines or poorly-printed test results. In addition, you will always get high-resolution and full-color printed-out reports sent directly to your desired location with the Auto Print function.

A Clear E-Dashboard Display

With Psychē Medical Software systems, it doesn’t matter which cloud laboratory software you choose. You will consistently achieve the very best results with our clear E-Dashboards. On this display, you can also see a real-time update of all your laboratory metrics.

You can see test results and monitor changes with this straightforward interface as they happen live. Don’t be out of touch with what is happening in your diagnostic lab. Stay on the ball with the best E-Dashboards from Psychē Medical Software solutions.

Secure Sites and Operations

Security should always be one of your top priorities. With laboratories, you care for sensitive patient information and data. As a result, if any of that information were to fall into the wrong hands, it could be extremely damaging.

Therefore, Psychē Medical Laboratory Software makes security a priority. Furthermore, we make specific secure sites at the forefront of our software operations in every cloud laboratory software program we offer. Psychē offers features that enable a single database to be used by multiple labs securely. Now, you can work hard without the stress. We also install reliable and robust security and antivirus software and can perform regular scans as needed.

Software Systems To Choose From at Psychē Medical Software

At Psychē, we offer four main software systems. They all come standard with the features you need to succeed. Our systems include WindoPath Ē.ssential, nucleoLIS Ē.finity, MicroPath Ē.ternity, and Ē.xtension modules. Learn more about each by visiting our website today.

Learn More About Cloud Laboratory Software with Psychē Medical Laboratory Software

Are you eager to learn more about what to expect with your cloud laboratory software? If so, then visit our website today. Alternatively, Psychē Medical Laboratory Software can also be reached by phone today at 508-422-0157.

We are one of the nation’s fastest-growing and leading medical software companies. Psychē is dedicated to helping labs across the country succeed, help others, and make the world a healthier place. Learn what we can do for you today by contacting us!