Here Are Just a Few of the Things Your DNA Test Can Tell You

By Psychē Systems

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DNA testing is a powerful tool. There are so many things that a DNA test can reveal about its subject. Just a few of those revelations could make a huge impact on their life. Using these tests to find out more about yourself can be thrilling. Here are a few things to keep in mind about what secrets can unfold from your DNA.

Illness Probability

Many times a DNA test can provide information about how likely the patient is to develop illnesses later in life. There are genes that can show the probability of breast cancer, cystic fibrosis, and more. However, having some of the genes associated with diseases doesn’t necessarily mean the patient will definitely develop the illness later on. 

Doctors routinely use DNA tests to help identify potential future health risks in patients who are showing early signs. These tests can include screenings for pre-diabetics, women who have a family history of breast cancer, and more.

Ethnicity & Family History

DNA shares similarities between family members and can identify common family groups. This can be helpful in paternity tests and other instances where family members need to be identified. Many popular ancestry DNA tools on the market use this feature of DNA testing as one of the main selling points for their products. You can take a DNA test and identify ancestry and trace immigration patterns. DNA test products can connect people who would otherwise never know they’re related.

Physical Traits

You can learn details about the sex, eye color, and other physical traits of a person through their DNA. There are also genes that make up your hair color and other physical traits. People who are related and share similar DNA have a strong chance of looking like each other for this reason. There are other genes that make you predisposed to diabetes and obesity.

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