How Molecular Diagnostics Will Help Against the Next Pandemic

By Psychē Systems

molecular diagnostics

molecular diagnosticsEarly diagnosis limits fatalities during outbreaks of highly infectious and contagious diseases. Molecular diagnostics played an important role in identifying the genomic sequencing of Covid, resulting in diagnostic tests that saved lives. When the next pandemic arrives, molecular diagnostics will play an essential role again, and we will have more of a headstart than in the past. Having the right tools, like Laboratory Information Software (LIS), in place before a pandemic can save valuable time. 

What We Learned from the Covid Pandemic 

Diagnosis is a major aspect in tackling the consequences of any deadly contagious diseases. Diagnostic tests demonstrate the presence or absence of an infectious agent. These tests can’t be created until the genome sequence of the infectious agent is identified. 

For example, molecular diagnostics uncovered the genome sequence of Covid-19 early in the pandemic. With that information, there was a massive effort to conduct and process the diagnostic tests. In response to the demand, new labs opened and existing labs ramped up to process the test results. 

One of the lessons learned was that there needed to be more diagnostic labs to handle a worldwide pandemic. Also, existing labs needed more of the software and tools to process a large number of diagnostic tests quickly. Responding to the Covid crisis made molecular diagnostics labs better prepared for the event of another pandemic. New labs that opened during the Covid pandemic are still going strong and will be available for another pandemic event. However, molecular diagnostic testing is a growing field and there remains a need for more diagnostic labs. 

molecular diagnosticsThe Role of Molecular Diagnostics in the Next Pandemic 

In addition to diagnostics tests, molecular diagnostics led to antibody tests and genetic testing for Covid. Both played an important role in battling Covid and will be valuable in the fights against future pandemics. 

The Role of Antibody Tests During a Pandemic 

While researchers couldn’t determine if a previous viral infection provided immunity against further infections, antibody tests were useful for tracking the virus’s spread across borders and communities. Research on the impact of the antibody tests will aid diagnostic labs and the medical community in preparation for the next pandemic. 

The Role of Genetic Testing During a Pandemic

Diagnostic labs developed genetic tests to help determine how sick a person would become after being infected with the Covid virus. This information helped the medical community develop treatment protocols. Ongoing research on the relationship between genetics and Covid complication risks may provide clues on what populations are susceptible to future pandemics. 

What Molecular Diagnostic Labs Need to Do During a Pandemic

Not every diagnostic laboratory was able to dive right in immediately for Covid test procedures. They needed the right permissions, supplies, and COVID-19 testing software to get started. Ramping up to meet the demand of the Covid pandemic means many of these labs will have the tools in place if a health crisis happens again.

Essential Software Needs for Labs During a Pandemic

Laboratories that invested in new software during the Covid outbreak will have it to use in the event of another pandemic. The software that’s necessary in a pandemic should integrate quickly with a laboratory’s existing processes and software. Time is critical during a pandemic, and setting up LIS shouldn’t slow down the process of labs jumping in to help. 

Also, the software needs to offer simple, straightforward reporting that works with a centralized platform. This helps ensure essential CDC compliance. 

Your LIS should come with excellent organization. It’s crucial to work efficiently and as quickly as possible during a pandemic. LIS software needs to be simple and have automated organization. Psychē Systems provides clinical laboratory diagnostic software that meets the criteria listed. 

Why Choose Psychē Systems Molecular Diagnostics Lab’s Software?

During a pandemic, laboratories of all sizes are called up to perform testing. Some software options only cater to large laboratories, not startup labs or small independent labs. We work differently. Our customization options make our software a fit for clinical laboratories of all sizes. We’ve always helped big laboratories, small laboratories, and everything in between, and will continue to do so.  

When the world needs more molecular diagnostic labs in the event of or anticipation of a pandemic, software startup costs shouldn’t be a hindrance. Psychē Systems offers affordable and effective software solutions for diagnostic labs. We were proud to work with clinical diagnostic labs during the Covid pandemic to provide cost-effective software solutions to meet their growing needs. 

 And we didn’t enter the market during the Covid pandemic. We’ve been developing and providing clinical laboratory software since 1976. 

We provide innovative and cutting-edge technology that clinical diagnostic labs can use on a daily basis that is adaptable to emergency situations like pandemics. Although no one wants to imagine another global pandemic happening anytime soon, it’s necessary for labs to be ready in the event of one in the future. 

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