How Recent Discoveries in Genetics are Helping the Fight against Congenital Heart Disease

By Psychē Systems

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Molecular genetics software can help people live longer, healthier lives. That’s because molecular biology has grown by leaps and bounds over the past several years, and those advances would not have been possible without the right software. 

Some of the most exciting advances in molecular biology come from the fight against congenital heart disease. Could your laboratory play a part in the fight against CHD? 

Congenital Heart Disease 

Congenital heart disease, or congenital heart defect, refers to any number of problems within the heart’s physiology. These defects are present from birth and develop in the womb. While some congenital heart defects don’t cause any major issues for the person who has them, other types of CHD can be severe or even fatal. 

To make CHD even more complicated, researchers haven’t nailed down all of the exact causes of CHD. After all, there are many congenital heart defects that humans may experience, and each one may have several causes. 

Furthermore, heart defects can go undetected all the way into adulthood. Consider Long QT Syndrome, for example, which has caused sudden and surprising deaths in otherwise healthy people. This disorder often goes unnoticed until the person dies from it. 

Congenital heart disease is the most common birth defect in humans. As such, it has captured the attention of molecular researchers all around the world. With the help of molecular genetics software, these researchers have made advances in early detection, treatment, and even possible cures for congenital heart disease. 

Molecular Genetics Software and Congenital Heart Disease 

molecular genetics software

Recent medical advances are improving outcomes for people with CHD. Those advances include better surgeries and better post-operative care. Molecular genetics software, by examining CHD at a cellular level, is also making big changes in the fight against this group of disorders. 

Early Detection Means Patient Empowerment 

Scientists know that CHD has a lot to do with genetics. For example, people with CHD are more likely than others to pass it along to their children. CHD also often appears alongside genetic conditions like Downs Syndrome. 

Paired with the right molecular genetics software, advances in testing can let people know what their risks are so that they can seek treatment early. As a result, early detection can save lives. 

New Discoveries Pave the Way for More Genetic Testing 

Let’s get back to the example of Long QT Syndrome. Researchers have been searching for genetic links to Long QT Syndrome since the disorder’s discovery in the late 1950s. Recently, genomics experts have confirmed three of those potential links and disputed nine others. 

This increased clarity could lead to more specific testing methods when searching for this syndrome in people. Could this new discovery have implications for other types of CHD? Time and research will tell. 

CRISPR-Cas9 Gene Editing 

So far, we’ve seen discoveries in testing and prevention, but what about potential cures? 

Congenital heart disease is caused by a combination of lifestyle and genetic factors. Until very recently, people have only had any control over the lifestyle factor. We can make changes in our lives, but our genetics are what they are. Thanks to CRISPR-Cas9, that’s changing. 

CRISPR-Cas9 is a straightforward and relatively inexpensive form of therapy that edits genes by removing and adding certain properties. Researchers make new discoveries about it all the time, and some of the more recent advances are particularly exciting. 

For instance, a recent breakthrough from UC Berkeley may lead to the cure for several genetic conditions, perhaps including certain types of congenital heart disease. 

Molecular Genetics Software from Psychē Systems 

At Psychē Systems, we always keep our eye on the latest advances in molecular genetics, including the advances that lead to improved health outcomes in people with genetic disorders. That’s because many of our clients are molecular genetics laboratories, and as a molecular genetics software provider, we want to make sure that we stay on top of the news that is relevant to our clients. 

Our Part of the Fight Against Congenital Heart Disease 

As a molecular genetics software provider, we’re proud to play our own part in fighting genetic disorders such as congenital heart disease. 

Supporting Labs of All Sizes 

At Psychē Systems, we firmly believe that laboratories of all sizes can make major breakthroughs. In fact, a lot of crucial and lifesaving work comes out of small independent labs. That’s why we support clinical labs of all sizes, offering software solutions for all kinds of laboratory teams. 

Psychē Systems is startup lab-friendly. We make molecular genetics software accessible to brand-new labs that are finding their footing in the complex world of science. 

We also offer consistent support to all of our clients. Those who use our software know that they can contact us at any time, and our team members will be ready to help. 

Affordable Clinical Laboratory Software 

When it’s time to choose your molecular genetics software, you shouldn’t have to choose between high-quality software and affordable software. The cost of laboratory software should never be a barrier to medical breakthroughs. Psychē software is both high-quality and affordable. 

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