If You Use FISH and Karyotyping, Here’s What Your Lab Software Needs

By Psychē Systems

laboratory information software
Image by Colin Behrens from Pixabay

What do you need from your laboratory information software? A lot of the answer depends on what your laboratory does. For instance, if your lab does FISH, karyotyping, and other types of genetic testing, then your software should meet specific needs. 

In the broad scheme of laboratory tests, FISH and karyotyping are two of the most complex types of testing. As such, they require laboratory software that can support and maintain their processes. 

Simplification and Streamlining for Laboratory Information Software 

Because FISH and karyotyping both deal with chromosomal issues — a highly complicated area of study — the labs that handle these tests can always benefit from software-based simplification. Any time a laboratory information system can streamline FISH and karyotyping, the lab that uses this system can help their clients get answers fast. 

Full Automation 

FISH and karyotyping software can simplify processes by providing full automation. When you have automation in all areas, from retrieval to reporting, you save time on an otherwise demanding process. For example, our nucleoLIS software allows for automated rules-based logic that your lab can use for reflexive and confirmatory testing. 

Automation benefits genetic laboratories that get a lot of orders. It prevents workflows from getting clogged and allows labs to take on heavy workloads. 

Easy Specimen Storage and Tracking 

Just like automation, the right storage and tracking options can make a big difference in your laboratory information software. The simpler the storage process, the more time your laboratory can save. Ideally, you should be able to track specimens at a glance. This kind of system will let you see what you need within seconds. As a result, you can locate and retrieve what you need right away. 

Laboratory Information Software Needs Flexibility 

laboratory information software

Flexibility is one of the most important parts of a good laboratory information software system. No two laboratories have identical workflows, so the cookie-cutter approach doesn’t serve laboratories or their clients. Your laboratory software should adapt to your lab’s workflows, not the other way around. Unfortunately, too many labs settle for the former. 

Customizable Report Formatting and Highly Configurable Data Tables 

You should get a say in how you arrange and report your data. Your software can make that happen. Again, nucleoLIS produces what laboratories need in this area. For one thing, it offers highly configurable data tables so that you can arrange your data in the way that works best for your lab’s workflows. 

Next, it lets you customize your report formatting. Your reports can include images, calculations, and more. 

Complete Patient History Options 

Unlike some other laboratory information software systems, nucleoLIS gives you the option to include complete patient history in your reports. Patient history can include family health information, if available and applicable. With this option, you get more specific outcome predictions. 

Pharmacogenomic Personalization 

Finally, more laboratories are opting for software that includes pharmacogenomic capabilities. In the age of genetic testing, ancestry research, and biohacking, people want personalization in their medicine. That’s where pharmacogenomics comes in. If your laboratory software supports pharmacogenomic testing, you can meet the increasing demand and keep up with the competition. 

Fast and Clear Communication and Delivery 

Any lab that deals with FISH and karyotyping must offer excellent communication. Most of the time, people don’t order these tests based on random curiosity. As you already know, FISH, karyotyping, and similar tests can detect cancer, chromosomal disorders, and other abnormalities that can alter a person’s life. When a person needs one of these tests, they need answers fast. They also need those answers delivered in a clear and succinct way. 

The right laboratory software can provide those clear answers. For one thing, a good software will help you maintain efficient workflows, and fast workflows mean fast answers. 

For another thing, the right software will let you scan, attach, and link supplemental documents. nucleoLIS lets you do all of the above so that you can provide your clients with the information that they need. 

Non-Disruptive Technology 

Some laboratory softwares serve their users well — until they don’t. Every software will need updates, but those updates shouldn’t disrupt laboratory workflows. Unfortunately, though, some softwares do exactly that. With these softwares, the update process is clunky, disruptive, and takes a lot of time. Laboratory workflows come to a halt as technicians wait for the updates to install. Clients have to wait for their test results. 

It’s not a sustainable system, which is why you need a laboratory information software that comes with seamless updates. With the right system, you’ll get quick, smooth updates that won’t interrupt your lab’s daily work. Also, your software should come with simple instrument integration. 

Basically, your technology should work with you, not against you. Your software should always make your work life easier, which is exactly what nucleoLIS does. 

Laboratory Information Software 

For labs that offer FISH, karyotyping, and other genetic testing options, the right software is a must. Your laboratory does important work, so you can’t settle for subpar laboratory information software. Instead, look for a software that meets all of the above needs and more. 

nucleoLIS software fulfills your laboratory’s most important needs. It’s seamless, user-friendly, flexible, and fully automated. Unlike some other softwares, though, it’s budget-friendly. This way, even startup labs get the power and speed that they need without going into a budget crunch. 

Ready to learn more? Contact us today to get started, or start building your own LIS. Your laboratory and your clients deserve excellence without hassle.