New Trump Policy Makes Integrated Health Records a Reality

By Psychē Systems

doctor on a laptop

Today, I read a published Fortune magazine article written by Jared Kushner, Chris Liddell, and Seema Verma entitled: “All Your Health Records in One Place? This New Policy Could Make That a Reality”. This article announces a breakthrough policy being sponsored by the Trump administration that would aggregate electronic medical healthcare information in a standardized format – stored in one place where consumers can access this data for better health outcomes. This initiative has the potential to “democratize” EHR data that is currently siloed in proprietary vendors systems. With the promise of an entire opt-in ecosystem that could be built around this data, Psychē Systems is excited about this initiative.

With our extensive expertise in data interfacing and integration we are ideally positioned to help our laboratory information systems customers share medical information in this new standard format. If you need any help with interfacing data with other vendors, onsite testing instruments, state and federal disease centers, national cancer registries, etc. Psychē knows how to get the job done. We currently have thousands of real-time data interfaces running in our production cloud hosting environment and in countless laboratories throughout North America and are continuously adding more every day.

Sean LuckSean Luck
Sean joined Psychē Systems in 2013. He is a software industry veteran and entrepreneur with over 35 years of experience in both large enterprises and start-up environments. He is currently Psychē’s Chief Technology Officer. Sean has a Bachelor of Science degree with a minor in Electrical Engineering from Worcester Polytechnic Institute. He has also attended the Babson College MBA program, and is an FAA certified pilot.