What Your Pathology Software Needs in the Age of COVID-19

By Psychē Systems

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What does your pathology software need these days? If your laboratory has joined the ranks of those who now test for COVID-19, then your lab has different needs this year. Pathology labs have always been a vital part of the healthcare system, but these days, pathology expertise matters more than it ever has. What does your lab need from its software in the age of COVID-19? Let’s take a closer look. 

Diagnostic Capabilities, CLIA Certification, and Test Kits 

Psychē Systems is committed to serving laboratories that want to provide COVID-19 testing. We’ve put together a guide to getting started, including information on what pathology laboratories need to start testing for COVID-19. The guide goes over all of the necessary steps, but let’s take a brief look at the criteria in a nutshell. 

RT-PCR Diagnostic Software

Most of today’s diagnostic COVID-19 testing uses RT-PCR. Therefore, the best laboratories for COVID-19 testing are the ones that already use this machinery or are at least equipped and ready to use it. Likewise, these labs need pathology software that easily integrates with RT-PCR machinery. 

CLIA Certification and Test Kits 

Laboratories must have CLIA certifications of waiver before testing for COVID-19. The CMS explains how you can obtain this certification. 

Once you’ve obtained certification for your laboratory, you can request COVID-19 testing supplies directly from the CDC. 

Pathology Software Must Adapt Fast 

Once you have the certification, permissions, and testing supplies that your lab will need for testing, what does your pathology software need to keep up with demand? First of all, your software will have to adapt quickly to COVID-19 testing. COVID-19 is a new phenomenon, especially when compared to the history of laboratory software. That’s why the best laboratory software for this situation is the kind of laboratory software that can move quickly and stay flexible. 

Flexible, Easily-Adaptable Workflows 

Every laboratory has its own workflows system, but when you add COVID-19 testing into the mix, your workflows will change to keep up with the testing demand. As a result, you’ll need pathology software that can adapt to ever-changing workflows. Your testing process will work much more efficiently if your software adapts to your workflows, not the other way around. There’s no reason for your lab to slow down its workflows just to adapt to new software, especially during a pandemic. 

Simple Worklist Order 

Your pathology software should keep your worklist order simple and straightforward. Ideally, your software should automatically arrange worklists in the order that specimens are processed. That’s because the CDC requires that laboratories report COVID-19 test results within 24 hours of discovery. When your worklists are arranged properly, you won’t have to worry about overlooking any tasks and can make sure that you get your reports sent on time. 

Batch Entries for Faster Reporting 

Next, pathology software should let users batch their entries according to the test results. In the case of COVID-19 tests, for instance, you can batch according to positive and negative test results. This batching can help you keep your tests organized and communicate results more efficiently. 

Customization for Your Laboratory Needs 

All of the above factors work best if they also come with customization options. With pathology software, customization helps users adapt fully to unusual situations, which is essential during the COVID-19 pandemic. Customization means that your software works specifically for your lab, so you get a more seamless integration and can start making a difference right away. 

Pathology Software Needs Simple Accessibility 

Pathology software should always be accessible and user-friendly, especially for labs that are purchasing pathology software for the first time or want to upgrade their software for a new purpose. COVID-19 testing, for example, needs software accessibility. There are a few factors that can help make your software as accessible as possible. Look for these factors when you purchase new software for your lab. 

Automated, Intuitive Organization 

In the age of a pandemic, pathology software needs organization that your laboratory can work with. The best pathology testing software is both automated and intuitive, allowing for user-friendliness no matter the size and scope of the laboratory. 

Hierarchical Organization 

More specifically, this software should offer a hierarchical organizational structure. For many laboratories, COVID-19 testing is an “all hands on deck” situation. Multiple techs work on the same tasks so that they can process and report those tests quickly. In that case, an organizational hierarchy isn’t just helpful; it’s a must-have. Your laboratory’s software should organize cultures in a way that clearly shows which tasks have already been done. This way, you avoid unnecessary task repetition and wasted time. 

Today’s Laboratory Software Must Stay Affordable 

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Finally, laboratory software should remain as affordable as possible in the age of COVID-19. With the enormous demand for COVID-19 testing, the United States needs as many laboratories as possible to provide that testing. The US is struggling with a backlog of COVID-19 tests. Even small labs and startup labs can make a difference. However, if laboratories can’t afford the software that they need to process COVID-19 tests, then the US will never have enough laboratories to handle the testing. 

Psychē System’s Pathology Software 

The pathology software from Psychē Systems offers all of the above qualities and much more. Psychē’s clinical testing software is both affordable and startup-friendly, but it’s powerful and fast enough to handle complex laboratory needs. We’ve designed all of our software for convenience and excellent communication, so that your lab can handle all types of tasks and report results quickly. 

Request Your Demo or Build Your Software 

Does your laboratory need new pathology software for COVID-19 testing? Psychē Systems is on your side. Get to know our software by scheduling your free demo today. You can also build and personalize your LIS on our website. As always, if you have any questions, you can reach out and contact us. 

The world needs laboratories like yours. Psychē Systems is here to support your laboratory with the best software for the pandemic and beyond.