Beginner’s Guide to WindoPath Ē.ssential

By Psychē Systems

Medical software is simple with WindoPath Essentials.
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In the world of medical labs, reliable and functional software is everything. However, if you are starting up your first medical diagnostic lab, you might not know which software systems are best for your needs. WindoPath Ē.ssential is just one of many options available on the market. 

Psychē Medical Laboratory Software offers you WindoPath Ē.ssential at an affordable price, tailored to your individual needs with critical features. 

With any of Psychē Medical Software’s critical cloud-based software systems, you always get the latest technology, affordable prices, and reliable security. Additionally, we offer our clients the backing they need to set up, launch successfully, and support their diagnostic lab. Psychē Medical Laboratory Software is here to help your diagnostic lab stand out from the pack with cutting-edge medical field software! Here is your beginner’s guide to WindoPath Ē.ssential. 

Meet WindoPath Ē.ssential

Before we dive into all the critical features of WindoPath, let’s explore the basics. WindoPath Ē.ssential is an anatomic pathology laboratory information software system, often shortened to LIS.  Furthermore, WindoPath is known for being extremely flexible and intelligent. It can report and format data from your lab fast and efficiently. However, the best part is it can generate unlimited report formats for each physician group and pathologist in your lab. Individual users can set their preferences for formatting, which can be modified in real-time. Overall, WindoPath is easy to use, flexible, highly adjustable, and offers owners of medical labs a lot for an affordable cost. 

Helpful Features of WindoPath Ē.ssential

WindoPath has many critical features to make it even more appealing to diagnostic laboratories. Those essential features include reflex testing, streamlined accessioning, record locking, organ mapping, detailed audits, user-defined filters, barcode capability, updated synoptic reporting module, client service modules, and OneVersion. 

Accessioning Features That You Will Love

Now with WindoPath Ē.ssential, you receive standard accessioning capabilities. First, reflex testing at accession makes it simple for you to order panels in front and increase your turnaround time. This makes everything run faster and more smoothly for your diagnostic lab. Furthermore, WindoPath offers streamlined accessioning, making entering orders based on medical records or accession numbers even faster! What more could you ask for in one neat package from WindoPath Ē.ssential?

E-Reports You Can Count On

With WindoPath, you can now create detailed e-reports in a flash. All you have to do is drag and drop your desired filters where you want them to be. Then click finish, and now you have perfect e-reports for your diagnostic lab.

Record Locking Capabilities

In your lab, there is always the possibility of error. However, with WindoPath Ē.ssential, you can quickly reduce the risk of errors by locking users out of a case while pathologists document information. With this handy feature, you can rest assured that errors are a thing of the past. 

Meet WindoPath Essential's easy-to-use interface at Psyche Medical Software solutions.
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User-Defined Filter & Detailed Audits

WindoPath also offers detailed audits so you can quickly view in-depth records of all user activity. With our friendly interface, this is easier than ever before. Furthermore, we offer user-defined filters which make it simple to quickly access any current cases. The display will showcase which are active and which are closed with handy status notifications. 

All About Organ Mapping

WindoPath Ē.ssential also has organ mapping software capabilities. This allows you to incorporate pre-mapped sources onto an anatomic diagram. As a result, you receive enhanced reporting illustrations on a user-friendly interface. 

Module Systems with WindoPath Ē.ssential

WindoPath also provides two module options standard with the software system. First, the client services module allows you to easily monitor your lab’s quality assurance. Secondly, an updated synoptic reporting module is compliant with the latest CAP eCC templates. As a bonus, you receive OneVersion. OneVersion ensures a streamless product update as new features are released. Now, you can have all the tools you need to successfully operate your diagnostic lab with the help of Psychē Medical Laboratory Software Systems. 

Reap the Benefits of WindoPath Ē.ssential 

WindoPath has numerous benefits for you to glean today! For instance, with WindoPath, you receive CAPm Joint Commission and HIPAA compliance as well as prompt and experienced customer support. Furthermore, Windopath offers accelerated implementation and deployment options for competitive pricing, seamless integration, lab efficiency, hosted software delivery models, and limitless reporting possibilities for your clients’ preferences. 

More Software Systems To Choose From at Psychē Medical Software

WindoPath Ē.ssential is just one of many ways your diagnostic lab can excel today! With this quick beginner’s guide, you might have learned that WindoPath is precisely what you need for your lab. However, if WindoPath doesn’t sound like the perfect fit, you can always learn more about our other lab software systems currently available. At Psychē, we offer four central software systems to choose from. Other software plans include nucleoLUS Ē.xfinity, MicroPath Ē.ternity, and Ē.extension modules. Learn more about each by visiting our website today. 

Learn More with Psychē Medical Laboratory Software

If you are ready to help your lab succeed and learn more about our cloud laboratory software, visit our website today. Psychē Medical Laboratory Software can also be reached by phone today at 508-422-0157. The best part is that we can help with all types of questions about your diagnosis startup lab. 

We are one of the nation’s fastest-growing and leading medical software companies dedicated to assisting labs across the country succeed, help others, and make the world a healthier place. Learn what we can do for you today by contacting us! Don’t hesitate!