Psyche Systems’ Molecular Information Management Solution (MIMS) NucleoLIS

By Psychē Systems

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Now you can streamline the diagnostically diverse complexities of Molecular testing. NucleoLIS is a fully automated solution for PCR, Immunology, FISH, Karyotyping and DNA sequencing designed to support the unique workflow, deviations, reflexing and the complex reporting requirements of the Molecular lab.

NucleoLIS features the ability to build libraries quickly and easily, supporting the creation of customizable tables for result reports. As well as the ability to incorporate logic which can be applied for range checking and reflex testing automatically when defined results are applied to a test.


  • The ability to handle all molecular disciplines and workflows (i.e., PCR, FISH, Karyotyping, Immunology, and DNA Sequencing)
  • Range checking for applying automatic notes about a result (i.e., Low, Normal, and High) even on clinical significance concerning the result
  • Reflexes are applied automatically and can be used for confirmatory positives or secondary testing
  • Specimen Storage Manager keeps track of where and when specimens are stored for easy access
  • Specimen and Case Status Steps allow the lab to know where the specimen or case is during any given step in its processing
  • Report distribution based upon specific case types and physician requests
  • Management reporting tools which are able to be queried on demand
  • The ability to create work lists which can be queried based upon the needs status of a case
  • Integration with instrumentation that includes Result Review/Release capabilities Knowing familial history for genetic testing is crucial. Having a place to store and access scanned documents is very useful for a physician to be able to view the entire patient. NucleoLIS provides the ability to scan in external historical patient medical records (result reports and images), link patients together (i.e., siblings, mother, father) that may be getting tested together, as well as add deceased family members’ history — all easily accessed in one place.

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