Enterprise Laboratory Information Systems

WindoPath® Ē.ssential

WindoPath is our full-featured, easily configurable, Best in KLAS award-winning laboratory information software (LIS) for anatomic pathology laboratories.

Streamline Lab Workflows

nucleoLIS® Ē.finity

nucleoLIS is tailored to the unique workflows of PCR, immunology, FISH, karyotyping, DNA sequencing, next gen sequencing, pharmacogenomics, toxicology, and other laboratory-defined tests.

Customize Your Lab

MicroPath Ē.ternity®

MicroPath is a full-featured microbiology laboratory information system with intuitive culture accessioning designed to support the workflows of a paperless microbiology laboratory.

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Ē.xtension Modules

Psychē Systems offers business intelligence modules and connectivity solutions that enhance our enterprise laboratory information software and molecular information management systems.

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Welcome to OneVersion™

Imagine if you installed your laboratory information software and it was the last version you would ever have to install again. OneVersion from Psychē Systems makes that dream a reality.

To provide best-of-breed support for our laboratory customers, we add new features to our product lines based on feedback from our customers and implementation of our comprehensive market-driven software product development road map.

Psychē’s OneVersion provides fast, simplified, and cost-effective delivery of new product features without requiring time-consuming, expensive software upgrades. OneVersion ensures your laboratory’s software is not left behind in terms of the latest application functionality.

OneVersion provides a single deployed software version with seamless future updates for laboratories that need to implement or add new product features as they become available.

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