How Today’s Science is Making a Difference in Genetic Disorders

Genetic disorders can severely alter a person’s health and wellness. Some disorders can shorten a person’s lifespan, cause severe pain, and alter a person’s overall quality of life. Genetic disorders come in different types and severities, which makes them complicated to treat. However, as time passes, science has found more ways to treat and manage genetic disorders. Clinical laboratory software is playing a big role in these changes. 

About Genetic Disorders 

The medical world has already discovered more than 6,000 genetic disorders, and researchers continue to discover more. 

These disorders are caused by genomic mutations. Some are caused by a chromosomal mutation. Others are caused by either a single gene mutation or a mutation in more than one gene. Some occur spontaneously in the womb, while others are inherited from parents. 

Because there are so many genetic disorders, they vary a lot in terms of diagnosis, treatment, and prognosis. So far, most genetic disorders have no cure. These factors have caused a lot of complications in terms of research and discovery. 

However, that hasn’t stopped the science world, including clinical laboratory software creators, from taking steps in the right direction. As a matter of fact, recent discoveries reveal a lot of promise when it comes to treating genetic disorders. Some of these discoveries may turn out to be huge breakthroughs for treatment or even cures. 

Detection and Diagnosis 

Some of those steps forward involve new detection and diagnostic capabilities, from increased testing research options to newer clinical laboratory software choices. 

Growth in the Worldwide Genetic Testing Market 

A lot of those new capabilities and clinical laboratory software developments have happened as a result of global genetic testing market growth. Because the demand for genetic testing has grown so much over recent years, investors are putting more money toward things like DNA microarray systems. 

Growth in the North American Genetic Testing Marketing 

As the genetic testing market grows all over the world, the North American market has proven that it’s no exception to this growth. As more investment dollars enter the field, genetic testing capabilities, including diagnostic tests, will rise along with the overall market. 

Newborn Screening and Prenatal Testing 

These days, clinical laboratory software also has to keep up with advances in newborn screening and prenatal testing for genetic disorders. For example, several research hospitals have started providing genomic testing services as part of their newborn screening processes. These genomic tests are still in the early stages and don’t quite reach the mark that researchers were hoping for just yet. Still, the testing methods show promise, and they may help provide further answers when the initial newborn screening methods leave questions in their wake. 

At the same time, the market for non-invasive prenatal testing (NIPT) has grown, meaning more research dollars for possible early screenings of genetic disorders. 

Risk Factor Analysis 

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In addition to keeping up with these early testing methods, clinical laboratory software also must keep up with the increase in risk factor tests. Predictive testing is growing as part of the genetic testing market, which means that more research dollars could improve the current state of predictive testing. The same applies to carrier testing. More couples are seeking testing for recessive genes that could cause genetic disorders in their offspring. 

This increase in testing means that parents can stay prepared in case their children have genetic disorders. Because some genetic disorders have better outcomes with early treatment, this growth in the testing market can literally save lives. 

Gene Therapy 

As makers of clinical laboratory software, we’re also paying attention to recent advances in gene therapy. Some of the most exciting changes in genetic disorder treatment come from the realm of gene therapy. 

For example, a recent study from the UPMC Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh shows that the stem cells from umbilical cord blood may successfully treat several genetic disorders. 

CRISPR gene therapy is showing progress, too. For example, scientists have recently made strides in using CRISPR as a treatment for Sickle Cell disease

The Role of Clinical Laboratory Software 

Now, how exactly does clinical laboratory software play a part in all of these advances? For one thing, all of this detection and discovery requires top-quality clinical laboratory software. Contemporary laboratory instruments are digital. They require a connection to software for information storage and other needs. 

The best laboratory software can also support workflows for the testing and discovery processes. Every lab has its own rhythm, and the right software can support that rhythm for steady, focused work. 

Clinical laboratory software also fosters fast communication, letting laboratory technicians report their findings to doctors, hospitals, and even individuals who order testing for themselves. 

Psychē Clinical Laboratory Software 

Here at Psychē Systems, we pay close attention to any news that can impact our clients, including news that involves research for genetic disorders. That’s because we know that our clients make up an important part of the clinical testing world. As a result, they’re part of some exciting changes in the scientific community. 

We create effective clinical laboratory software so that our clients can do their best work. From genetic testing to microbiology, our software products empower lab techs and lab owners across all kinds of practices. 

Customization for Your Lab’s Workflows 

With our clinical laboratory software, you can customize your own LIS or LIMS. Like we said above, each lab has its own workflow pattern, and you’ll want to customize your lab’s software to meet your workflow needs. Psychē Systems allows you to do just that. 

Affordable and Startup-Friendly 

Startup laboratories deserve excellent software, too. Just because you may need affordability doesn’t mean that you should compromise on quality. At Psychē, we combine quality and affordability for the best of both worlds. 

Customize Your Clinical Laboratory Software Now 

Ready to see what the right clinical laboratory software can do for your lab? Start building your LIS today. With our customization tool, you can have everything that you want from your software without getting bogged down by anything that you don’t need. 

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How Today’s Science is Making a Difference in Genetic Disorders

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