All About Covid-19 Testing

When the Covid-19 virus hit the US full force in the spring of 2020, an urgent demand for reliable diagnostic labs followed. The healthcare pipeline relied on these labs to provide Covid testing rapidly. During these times of uncertainty, individuals and organizations alike began pushing for more support of diagnostic labs which could provide quick and accurate covid-19 test results. Many laboratories shifted their focus from other tests to provide higher levels of Covid testing. 

As a result, clinical laboratories adapted quickly to this global health crisis. Therefore, there is a higher demand for trusted Covid-19 testing software. At Psychē Systems, we provide comprehensive software for laboratories across the US. If you currently operate a diagnostic laboratory that offers Covid-19 testing, you need reliable software. Here are some things to know about Covid-19 testing and using a successful diagnostic lab during the pandemic. 

What is Covid-19?

First, it is essential to understand precisely what Covid-19 is. The coronavirus pandemic is an ongoing global pandemic caused by the SARS-CoV-2 novel virus. It was first identified in Wuhan, China, late in 2019. However, the virus quickly spread, causing global lockdowns, shutdowns, and border closures. Currently, multiple variants of the virus are still spreading rapidly, and the pandemic shows no signs of ending soon. As of early September 2021, there have been more than 22 million cases and up to 4.6 million deaths confirmed. As a result, Covid-19 is finding its place in the history books as one of the deadliest pandemics in history. 

Covid-19 can sometimes be deceiving since symptoms are not always severe. Elderly individuals are usually at higher risk, along with people with pre-existing respiratory and breathing conditions. The illness is transmitted rapidly through airborne particles, and people can be contagious long after their symptoms have subsided. Therefore, the need for accurate Covid-19 testing is high and rising every day. As new variants emerge, diagnostic labs must provide extremely accurate testing procedures. In addition, the Covid-19 vaccine is not always a 100% safeguard against contracting the virus, so testing is even more critical during these stressful times. 

Types of Covid-19 Testing

There are two main types of Covid-19 testing: diagnostic testing and antibody testing. In recent months, there has been a rapid influx of demand for both types. Both have their specific applications and can be used to accurately assess risks, levels of Covid-19 exposure, and positive or negative test results. However, both rely on trusted Covid-19 testing software. Psychē Medical Systems can help with robust software systems for any diagnostic lab’s success.

Diagnostic Testing for Covid-19

Diagnostic lab testing for the Covid-19 virus serves a primary purpose: to establish whether an individual has contracted the virus. The most common method of testing uses nasal swabs. Once samples are collected, they are sealed in a testing container and sent to a reliable laboratory. Molecular or serology testing are used to determine whether or not a case is positive. 

Covid-19 testing procedures implement reverse transcriptase-polymerase chain reactions. In simple terms, this means that it tests isolation virus RNA. A lab can implement testing software to isolate viral strains in individuals’ results to determine whether they have contacted the virus or not. 

Antibody Testing for Covid-19

Covid-19 antibody testing results from blood samples that are tested for previous SARS-CoV-2 infections. Since having previously contracted the virus won’t necessarily indicate if you are immune to future strains, this type of Covid-19 testing is not always the best course of action. However, it helps track numbers. 

Reliable covid-testing with your diagnostic lab.
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Covid-19 Testing Labs 

Since Covid-19 is such a contagious disease, labs play a critical role in tracking the progression of the pandemic. Covid-19 testing labs are in high demand. Furthermore, diagnostic labs must keep up with the rapid influx of new viral strains. However, diagnostic labs cannot run at optimal levels without the right laboratory software to back them up. 

How to Launch Your Covid-19 Testing Lab

Diving into Covid-19 testing takes certifications and permissions. In addition, you can’t run an accurate testing lab without the appropriate medical systems software to back you up. 

To begin testing for coronavirus, you must first obtain a CLIA certification and implement CDC-approved test kits. Laboratories must follow protocol and report their findings within 24 hours of completed results. You must submit results to state public health departments or localized health departments, depending on individual lab qualifications. Follow CDC guidelines for reporting accurately. 

All About Reliable Covid-19 Testing Software

The right Covid-19 testing software can make or break your diagnostic lab procedures. You should already be using the CDC’s test kits, designed to be implemented in tandem with streamlined and highly accurate software systems

Reliable Covid-19 testing software should provide several advantages. First, it should integrate quickly with existing software systems and protocols. This makes it easy for your lab to begin Covid-19 testing sooner. Secondly, reporting should be straightforward and accurate. 

Results should also be provided as quickly as possible to help report statistics to stop the spread faster. The organization is also a critical element of reliable software systems for testing. A trusted support system can also help your diagnostic lab excel with Covid-19 testing. 

Learn More with Psychē Medical Laboratory Software

If you are ready to learn even more about the Covid-19 virus and accurate testing, then reach out to Psychē Medical Laboratory Software systems today. We implement only the most state-of-the-art technology to help your diagnostic lab succeed. In addition, we are one of the nation’s leading medical software companies, dedicated to assisting labs all across the country to help others. So don’t wait! Give us a call today at 508-422-0157 or visit our website to learn even more about our services, products, and helpful blog insights.

Covid-testing is essential during the pandemic.
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All About Covid-19 Testing

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