Psyche Medical Systems and Aurora Diagnostics

By Psychē Systems

Aurora Diagnostics helps with ground breaking cancer research thanks to Psyche Medical.
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Starting a diagnostic laboratory might seem like an impossible task in the beginning. However, success is possible with the help of reliable and robust medical software systems. After you begin your research and have found the right support for your services, you can branch out with upgraded offerings for medical offices near you. All it takes is clear focus and dedicated and concise systems from a trusted medical lab software entity, like Psychē Medical Laboratory Software Systems. We have even helped big-name diagnostics labs in the medical field, like Aurora Diagnostics. Read on to learn how Psychē Medical Systems helped Aurora Diagnostics succeed and in turn, can help you. Learn more by visiting our website to get started today. 

Meet Aurora Diagnostics 

Let’s begin by meeting with Aurora Diagnostics, a leading independent pathology service with a focus on cancer diagnostics. Aurora Diagnostics offers integrated and personalized medicine for patients in need of accurate diagnostic testing. Their comprehensive services have become a great resource for physicians and hospital systems across the country. 

Aurora Diagnostics stands out from their competitors due to their collaborative approach with physicians to help patients receive the best care possible. In addition, Aurora works with pharmaceutical companies to research and develop new treatments for cancer patients. While much research is still being done on cancer treatments, progress is being made through diagnostic research. Finally, Aurora has operated within 29 community-based pathology practices across 200 board-certified pathologists. Aurora has carved out a name for itself through working with specialists like dermatologists, gynecologists, gastroenterologists, urologists, oncologists, and general surgeons.

Challenges for Aurora Diagnostics 

Before working with Psychē Medical Software systems, Aurora Diagnostics faced multiple challenges. They wanted to streamline their process into one flexible system that could handle their workflow easily. However, establishing this workflow with reliable and functional reporting posed a major challenge. 

At first, they wanted to create table formats that could easily be constructed, scaled, and read by those who performed diagnostics tests as well as doctors. Plus, patients should be able to read through these results with a general level of ease. Finally, Aurora wanted to support a simple extraction and hybridization process for the molecular workflow.  

However, they were struggling to make all of these dreams come together accurately before they found Psychē Medical Software systems. When our comprehensive medical software system entered the picture, things began to change quickly. At Psychē Medical, we hope to do the same for your business by meeting with you to discuss your challenges and find the right solutions for your diagnostic laboratory. 

The Right Solutions with Psychē Systems and nucleoLIS Software 

After choosing Psychē Systems to help them excavate their plans, Aurora Diagnostics began to see progress. At the time they were already using some of our reliable software products and decided to add nucleoLIS, which was simple to learn since they already were familiar with other Psychē applications. 

NucleoLIS gave them the ability to leave their reports in new templates from other laboratory information systems. An example of this would be combining a bone marrow report from three separate visits into one neat location for viewing. This increased capability makes it easier for patients, lab workers, and doctors alike to access information comprehensively in one handy packet or report. 

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Image by PublicDomainPictures from Pixabay

Aurora’s Final Transformation 

Aurora Diagnostics is a great example of a success story with Psychē Medical. Now, Aurora can do their molecular testing in one convenient lab and quickly send it out to multiple locations. Plus, they are hoping to integrate a portal for all of their labs soon with nucleoLIS. The future is continuing to expand and looks very bright for Aurora Diagnostics. 

How We Can Make Your Story A Success 

Now you have heard about one of our biggest success stories. We also have the tools to help your lab succeed. After all, success is about investing in the right resources, software, and support team. At Psychē, we are all about giving you the best service possible. After you give us a call, we will meet with you to discuss your unique plan of action for success. Next, after we implement this plan, you can count on new changes. These changes will also help your lab become a major success story.

Learn More Psychē with Medical Laboratory Software

If you are interested in learning more about what Psychē Medical Laboratory can do for your lab, give us a call today. You can reach us toll-free at 508-422-0157 or by visiting our website. Our services are comprehensive, which means we handle anything from basic information about starting a lab or more advanced software solutions for your company. Psychē Medical Laboratory is one of the nation’s fastest-growing and leading medical software companies, dedicated to assisting labs across the country succeed, help others, and make the world a healthier place. Don’t hesitate! Learn what we can do for you today by contacting us!