Here’s What You Need to Know About Cloud Laboratory Software

By Psychē Systems

cloud laboratory software
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Your laboratory software has room for customization. For example, you have different hosting options. Some choose to host their laboratory software on-premises, while others choose cloud laboratory software instead. Many on-premises software users have reported the desire to switch to cloud-based software. 

At Psyche Systems, we offer both hosting options because we know that different labs have different needs, and we want our clients to be able to tailor their software experiences. If you’re considering switching to cloud laboratory software, or if you’re not sure which option would work best for your laboratory, here are a few things that you should know. 

Cloud Laboratory Software Lets You Customize Your Data Storage Space 

On-premises software hosting gives you a fixed amount of data storage space. For some laboratories, that fixed amount of space is just fine and doesn’t cause any issues. Other laboratory owners, however, would rather have more control over their data storage, and cloud laboratory software provides that control. 

For one thing, cloud software can help you make sure that you never have too much storage space. People often worry about having the opposite problem, but why have tons of extra storage space if you’re not going to use it? 

On the other hand, when you do need more storage space, you can add to it. You don’t get that same level of flexibility with software that you host yourself. Basically, cloud software provides data storage scalability, which can be valuable to a lot of laboratories, especially during uncertain times when laboratories may be processing more or less than they usually would. 

This scalability can also be important to startup labs and labs that are going through a transition. Lab owners and employees may not always know how much space they’ll need over time. With the flexibility of cloud laboratory software, they can add or remove storage space as they go. There’s no need to play guessing games or to worry about having the wrong amount of space. 

Other Forms of Scalability Can Help You Save Money 

cloud laboratory software

Data storage isn’t the only kind of scalability that you can get from your cloud laboratory software. With cloud hosting, you don’t always have to stick with every part of a prepackaged software. Often, you can pick and choose what your laboratory really needs, and you can take advantage of options to upgrade and expand later. You can save money by paying for what you need and not paying for any extras that you won’t use. 

Psyche Systems lets users customize their LIS either way. Anyone who needs laboratory software can essentially build their own LIS through our customization tool. 

Developed Over the Decades 

Some people haven’t switched to a cloud-based system even if they would really love to do so. Some lab owners cite the fear of switching to something new. Cloud-hosted software does feel new compared to other technological options, but the truth is that laboratory cloud software has had plenty of time to develop. In fact, cloud technology has existed for more than two decades. 

Access Laboratory Information from Other Secure Networks 

Some industries translate well to the work-from-home environment. Laboratory testing isn’t one of those industries. You can’t exactly bring specimens into your own home when things get a little too crowded at the office. However, there are some aspects of laboratory work that can be done virtually anywhere, assuming that you have a secure connection. 

Having cloud laboratory software can make this mobility possible. When your software is hosted in the cloud, you can access it from virtually any location. This also means that laboratory teams can work together, even from a distance if necessary. All team members can access the same portals and information. 

Seamless Software Updates 

When you host your laboratory software on-premises, you may not get the seamless updates that your laboratory needs. Updates can require several steps, and you may need to halt several processes as the system does what it needs to do. 

On the other hand, cloud laboratory software generally provides a smooth update process. Updates are seamless, so you don’t have to interrupt your laboratory’s workflow to install them. 

At Psyche Systems, our laboratory software products come with a seamless upgrade process, no matter how you choose to host your software. However, when it comes to upgrades, cloud hosting does come with an advantage. 

Cloud Laboratory Software Options from Psyche Systems 

Psyche Systems has created three main specialty laboratory information system modules: WindoPath, NucleoLIS, and MicroPath. 

WindoPath is our anatomic pathology laboratory software, and it’s available as a cloud-hosted option. It provides flexibility with more than just its hosting options, though. It also provides easy and automatic formatting so that your lab doesn’t experience unnecessary workflow interruptions. Users get flexible report creation options, too. 

NucleoLIS is our molecular lab testing software, also available as a cloud laboratory software. It handles unique workflows and comes with customization options, so you can use your software effectively for FISH, karyotyping, DNA sequencing, and all other molecular laboratory tests. 

MicroPath is for microbiology laboratories. Just like our other options, it’s available as a cloud-hosted software. MicroPath is known for both its intuitiveness and its flexibility, both of which appeal to those who want the flexibility of cloud hosting. 

In addition to our three main software options, we also offer extension modules, technical support, and other choices to help laboratories of all sizes run according to their own goals. 

Contact Psyche Systems to Learn More About Our Cloud Laboratory Software Options

You have plenty of options when it comes to your cloud laboratory software system. If you’re ready to learn more about those choices, get in touch with the Psyche team today. We’re here to answer your questions and help you make sure that you get the best in laboratory software. You can also build and customize your own LIS by using our software builder tool. In any case, the Psyche team is always ready to help.